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[Lake Cabin - Private Party]

"Everyone wants a place to be. I guess you might call it a concept of 'home'. A safe, comfortable place where they can be themselves with those they consider family, whatever form that concept takes," Electra says, fixing those deep blue eyes of hers on Cass's for a moment. "Even the worst villains need a place they can retreat back to when they get beaten. They might not call it 'home' exactly, but the concept is the same."

She pauses for a moment, looking away, and chuckling, then smiles and fixes Cass again with her gaze.

"I guess what I'm saying, in a very ramble-y, roundabout way, is that...I like you, a lot. And...I get the feeling you feel the same about me. Am I wrong?"
[Lake Cabin - Private Party]

Well. That's certainly a lot to unpack. Quite a lot of philosophy in there, that Cass isn't quite sure she's sober enough or in the right mood to begin to tackle and decide if any of it applies to her or not, or what Electra is trying to say with any of it.

That last part is pretty clear, though.

"No. You're not."