[Ravanys' Apartment]

"Fishy things," Zee confirms. "Galgalim, ophanim, or just 'wheels'. Depending on who you talk to. There isn't an exact word that matches up nicely in Common. It implies whirling, like a dust devil or a vortex or a whirlpool or, uh, a wheel. They're an order of empyrean. A sort of angel, kind of."

So something like Zee.

Just a different sort of critter than Zee.

"I think the empyrean activity is linked to whatever has got all the fae causing mischief," Zee reasons, leaning back a bit and crossing her arm over her chest. "I don't know if one side got the other all riled up, or if there's some other event that kicked both sides into high gear. But regardless of the reason there are a bunch of otherworldly jerks lurking around in the Nexus right now making things hard for normal people to do normal people things."

She sticks her tongue out at Hannah.

"Yes, I consider building time traveling cars to fall under the category of 'normal people things'."

Just being clear, here.