[Ithuriel's Demiplane]

"No more stalling, Wings." There's a gentle firmness to Ithuriel's voice, a very light reminder that, as cute as she may think he is, she's not going to let him get away with dragging this out for too much longer. Have a little faith in her, Ambriel! She is an angel after all! Also it'll probably be fine and nothing bad will happen, probably. She's kind of sort of good with people these days. She can be trusted not to make things any worse...probably.

Before they go, she does indeed pass a fir-wood horn over to Ambriel, regardless of any objections may have. She's not letting him duck out of having that particular safety net. "Now come on! Let's get going already!" A wave of her hand and a portal back through to Riverside appears before them. Time to go, Ambriel! Get it over and done with now and you'll never have to worry about it again!

Well, unless things go badly. Then you might have to worry some more.