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    Default Re: Final Fantasy Record Keeper X-2: Gems, Mithril, Salt - In Position!

    I don't know what possessed me. I really don't. But despite having exhausted my luck, I decided on one more Realm Lucky pull, on V. I have a ton of V relics, so it will probably be a dupe. Or a disappointment. Or a disappointing dupe.

    1/11, rainbow. Already not a great sign. And it's... Cat-ear Hood. Krile's LMR. A +Fire hat that gives her W-Cast Fire. Huh. I mean, I don't have a lot for Krile - I have her BSB1 and both SSBs, that's it. So, okay, she's Fire-focused.

    But do you know what I have, V-wise? I have Bartz's Fire BSB, and his full dive complete with W-Cast SPB LM. I have Galuf's Fire BSB with Imperil Fire, and his W-Cast MNK LMR. I have GILGAMESH's Fire CSB, and his W-Cast SAM LMR.

    So, in essence, I have Gil's Fire Chain, with W-Cast Fire SAM abilities. I have Galuf's Imperil Fire BSB, with W-Cast Fire MNK abilities. I have Bartz's Fire BSB, with W-Cast Fire SPB abilities. And now, in addition to Krile's Fire BSB, she has W-Cast Fire BLM abilities. I will be W-Casting everything and everything will be on fire and Gil's Chain will completely explode forever.

    Was Krile's LMR a great pull in a vacuum? No. Was it a great pull considering team composition? Oh, my, yes.
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