[Yellow Sands Waste]


Tendrils of smoke and ash congeal, running together and rapidly taking on a draconic form. A wyrm made of soot and embers, eyes of glowing coals. Horns and teeth of burning wood. It gaps its jaws wide and looses a roar that sounds like the crackling of a blast furnace.

...and inside it, in that burning hellish heat, are trapped kobolds writhing in agony.

Two of Kothar's allies fall back, terrified, but Kenix steels his resolve, gripping his spear tight.

"I don't know what help I'll be, champion, but I'll fight along side you. For Seetha's memory. For all my warren-brothers and sisters who were taken by this vile monster!" then he hurls his spear! The crude iron spearhead thunks into the monster's flesh, causing ash to slough away from the wound as the ashen kobold snarls in pain and anger.

And then looses a cone of blasting heat and burning embers upon our heroes.