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Thread: Home 24: A house in this market?

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    [Mouchabière Residence]

    That has Trick grinning as she takes Sophie by the hand and brings her upstairs towards the lab, staying out of the way of Beaky, who's currently relaxing on the stairs to the second floor.

    The lab itself is the largest room in the house aside from the living room. With a high roof that is where the attic should be, a skylight to let the sun in. In the northern side of the room, currently with the direct rays of the sun shining on it, is a circle of glittering concentric rings of brass, silver, and iron, designed for a variety of summonings and other rituals. The south side of the room is the place where she keeps all her alchemy equipment, and all along the walls are carved runes directly into the wood, generally with Trick's own pact blade - every one of them is one of the house's wards, anchored her to Trick's place of power.

    But sitting on the alchemy desk is something new. A small wooden box, lid covering whatever it is inside, but Sophie will already be able to feel something inside it. Something that seems almost familiar. It isn't until Trick pick the box up and hands it to Sophie that she slows down, "Go ahead, open it!"
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