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This is really cool. Your setting sounds amazing.

Any other interesting twists on old fantasy races?
I have a number of them, but Orcs are the most fleshed out. Most of the differences are more subtle and the real twists are in the factions they reside in as a greater whole- My Goblins are enlightened philosophers that walk around in togas and helped kick off a societal reformation that ended the tyrannical rule of a wizard's guild. The story behind how the faction underwent massive change is more interesting than the actual story of the Goblins themselves.

Another example, my Drow are an asexual race that shapeshifts freely between albino cave elf and albino cave drider forms. They're drastically different than FR Drow in that their isolationism makes sense- they scare children with stories of Dwarves, Humans, and Kobolds with torches and oil to make sure that they don't leave the nests until they're old enough to understand when they should and shouldn't reveal their half-spider forms to people. The traditional Drow infighting comes from fear of expansion- when a colony becomes too large to continue unnoticed, the youngest generations get evicted and told to go find other caves, sometimes they fight for the cave rather than leave it. The majority of them live in the caverns under a trade city that basically uses the caverns as a bomb shelter for when the Lunarain comes overhead, so they're an integral part of keeping the caverns controlled and explored. They also have a natural predisposition to join smuggling groups and crime groups, which sees them get into weird situations involving my version of Beholders. They're not really interesting by themselves, but the Trade City's a huge mishmash of things that don't normally get along in traditional D&D (Dwarves, Kobolds, Drow).

My Beholders are kind of neat, but that's mostly because I'm planning on publishing the setting on a wiki and I needed to sanitize the product identity from it and Beholders are one of the fastest ways to set off their lawyers. Beyond just being renamed, they ended up being future seeing seven eyed sky serpents that look like a cross between Super Metroid's Crocomire and WoW's Manawyrms with a big furry tuft of hair where the weird head connects to the flying snake body. Their heads are dragonish, with three fly style compound eyes down each side and a gigantic compound eye between the brows like a cyclops. They abuse their precognition abilities to run massive crime syndicates built on organized gambling, and are basically kind of a creepy alien version of Star Wars' Hutts. (I mean, the Hutts are technically aliens, but they think just like greedy humans.) They're a ton of fun to design, my art's been improving, I hope to get drawings done soon.

Any more detail probably belongs in detailed writings about the setting itself... which should mean "Write more in the wiki!" ^^;;