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    Default Re: Order of the Stick Trivia XIX: It's Always the Demon Roaches

    Quote Originally Posted by Larre Gannd View Post
    find Vaarsuvius without their cape on.
    That is #665, nonth panel, right after Roy's resurrection. Vaarsuvius is still paralyzed and drained, and somebody removes her cape to temporarily cover up Roy. We can only see half of a head and one arm of Vaarsuvius though. Vaarsuvius gets her cape back before her next appearance in #667.

    Quote Originally Posted by Caerulea View Post
    Find a blue quill.
    Hmm. I thought it was the feather in Belkar's hat, but nope, that's not blue.

    Update: heck, even the quill provided to Vaarsuvius in the library of Shojo's personal wizard is not blue. It's strange to see a red quill in Azure City.
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