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    The Great Kingdom of Varjik
    Liege of Karys

    Illuminant Jaine Anivine Kren El Sira the Queen of Thorns
    Diplomacy: 5
    Military: 6
    Economy: 3
    Intrigue: 5
    Faith: 10

    Actions for Round 28 (Rolls)
    • [Faith 10] The Burning Throne: Grant an additional bonuses to those of Dejanist faith!
      Quote Originally Posted by Stats
      The Burning Throne Holy Order of Dejanism in the Aspen Heights [R59] grants the owner of the region +2 against magical techs whenever they send one of their own leaders/generals to serve as primary commander for a battle. If the nation who owns the region is the leader of the Dejanist faith, this bonus extends to all commanders and rulers of the Dejanist state religion that take an action to seek the blessing of the reigning Illuminant (leader of the Dejanic faith), are accepted as a non action by said Illuminant, and swear the 'Emperor's Oath.' Breaking this oath may result in excommunication.
      As the only strictly Dejanist kingdom in the world and leader of the faith, passing new reforms comes quickly and without difficulty. The most major of these reforms is the integration of the Court of Thorns as a permanent seat of power in Dejanist faith, calling upon the region's history in using the pass as a staging ground against the rakshasa even long before Varjik took up the region as their own. Of course, using this justification as a location for a holy site only seems to reinforce the Pride's initial reaction to try and push them out of it as an intelligent and insightful move for their nation's safety - But that has been admitted far too late now for there to make any difference. The Burning Throne itself is a marvel of red crystal, Mrazite that has grown into the very chair from which Anivine governed from in her main hall. Named the 'Burning Throne' for this vibrant color and the warlike history of Varjik, it sends a message across the lands... Varjik and Dejanism are here to stay.

      The Emperor's oath is a bit of a separate ordeal, a vow crafted by the clergy and reinforced with Violet Ash (which forces the speaker to tell the truth) to have any who carry the Siphoner's boon promise loyalty to Dejan and his church, to the ideals of a world united by strength and honor, and less popularly to the idea that Anvine is the first mortal worthy of directly carrying the God who Conquers Heaven's blessing, as they are said to share the same bloodline. All nations reverent of Dejan shall therefore also be reverent of her, in her seemingly unageing form. Such claims are, however, unproven...
    • [Economy] Address Fox-Paw's Concerns
      Fox-Paw, the supposed heir to the Inkia tribe is given a response of 'we already made the Yasei suffer for their crimes' from the Kunai. Varjik agrees that the enemy that wronged them is now gone, and asks that he swear under violet oath that he is indeed who he claims to be. Once this is determined he is granted additional rights in the kingdom as nobility, and Anivine says that she will give him better than payment for past wrongs - the ability to make a right future forged by both their hands, together. The first step in this is to make Derokar as prosperous as the rest of the empire, and they together draft an offer to the Omanush Convoys.
    • [Diplomacy] Claim Altessa on grounds of a past promise to reinstate their original royal dynasty to power [Roll: 9]
      The realm of Altessa has just seen the republics retreat from them, and so a vacuum of power looms over the area... A vacuum of power that can easily be filled for the benefit of Varjik and her lands. It is time to make good on a promise made many, many years ago, with the living, rightful heir to their throne still alive in the heart of the Aspen Heights. (Extremely strong claim; maybe a bonus?)

    • [Diplomacy] Offer the OMC a deal
      The Convoys had been a long standing ally of Avakonia even before the Firethorn Regiment took their independence. Old trade routes through the region that once flourished have been left abandoned for many years, taken up instead by local merchants. With their return over the past few years and pleasant relationship thus far, Anivine extends to them a deal if they wish to grow closer as trading partners...

      OMC transfer ownership of the Sedellan Glass TP2 in Varjik (R59) under their control to Varjik, and in return they will have one of their bases built in Derokar - which should have a side effect of increasing economic development in the region, as per the promise to Fox-Paw.

    • [Military] Cleanse heresy from within the order (Purge Region 102 HC1) [Roll: 11]
      In the north, heretical practices involving magic and sin have arisen... A doctrine that twists Dejanist monks and priests against the very thing for which they stood. They conquer for a world of order, not one riddled with chaos and magic. The Great Conqueror would never approve of these actions, and so a force of Kalorés are sent by the head of the faith to sail north and show these misguided men and women the error of their ways...
    • [Military] Conquer Avakonia for Varjik Defend Avakonia under the command of Prince Zarikos Kren El Sira (Mil 3)
      The command given by the Dragon of the Heights has Anivine grating her teeth. She has been delivered a catch 22, to either turn on her husband and allies or the dragon in her capital. After much deliberation and discussion, they determine that aligning themselves with the dragon would indeed be better for the realm. While Dvatla is close and their administration good, balancing their own kingdom's potential obliteration by the claws of the dragon must come first in the way of things. Her son with Khäsglis named Zarikos, aged only seventeen, wishes to lead this battle in the stead of his parents, claiming that it is his right to rule Avakonia as the son of both their royal lines. He is reluctantly accepted, his parents putting a great deal of trust in him for his first endeavor as future Jain. He makes the lofty promise to resolve all of this dragon-fueled conflict between Varjik and Dvatla so that the realms of his families may finally return to their peace, and offers Dvatla a proper military alliance if their support his (and Varjik's by extension) claim to the region. He aims to team with the defenders to expel the Khirese forces, but this comes with a catch that his other allies may not enjoy... This region will not be going to Karys win or lose, a statement that seems to dampen their enthusiasm to fight as they attempt to get the dragon to decide in their stead. Tensions become higher as Anivine decrees that as Liege it is her right to determine where the spoils of war flow, but the dragon's favor of Karys likely outweighs her own. Will it come to demand it be given to the most loyal and hard-working dragon worshipers, or allow the natural order of the realms to dictate as they will?

      At the last moment, as it seems that Karys has abandoned their orders and the dragon will not be bringing aid, Zarikos pulls his forces back and brings them around after a false retreat to ambush the republics; flag of Dvatla in tow. Weather this was planned or simply a change of heart in the aspiring 'king of Avakonia' when the odds looked poor, none can tell until the battle is done.

      Send 3 units to defend Avakonia under the command of Prince Zarikos Kren El Sira, using Camel Cavalry (+1 to battles)
      Zarikos is not a real general, but still has +2 to leader losses due to faith bonuses.

    Non Actions:
    Allow passage for troops from Karys & Dvalta
    Reminder for +1 Faith for Anivine's Heir
    Allow/Encourage the Feast of Rieba to convert any and all dragon HCs across the Kingdom of Varjik

    Spoiler: News and Rumors

    1. Oluard Marankett, natural scientist does some investigating.
    2. Another child is born to Anivine now that she has had some time to rest from war. His name is Cattius, and he is said to be healthy and strong... And a potential match for a northern suitor. He is betrothed to Izbefe's newest daughter, Princess Lofn Hestradet.
    3. The kingdom of Varjik sends ships north to a foreign nation after their troops are delivered to Avakonia, making no public announcement as to where they've been sent.

    Spoiler: Court of Thorns Members
    [*] Lord Pyras of New Lijas
    [*] Darria, an orcish kalorés from Ka-Ruun
    [*] Commander Siegbert of the First Sedellan Knights
    [*] Khäsglis, Anivine's husband and potential heir to the Dvatlan throne

    Spoiler: Stats

    Military Units: 6 (Altessa's Royal Army, Rising Sun Militia, First Sedellan Knights, Riders of Bysthia, The Silent Guard, Draconic Enforcers)
    Mercenaries: 0

    Regions Owned: [Varjik - Region 58], [Derokar - Region 53], [New Lijas - Region 52], [Aspen Heights - Region 59], [Bysthia - Region 63], [Raesija - Region 64] [Region 66]
    Holy Orders/Bases: Holy order of Dejanism in Aspen Heights [Burning Throne], CSC Base in Varjik
    Total Regions/Mil Cap: 7/11

    Cultural Identities:
    [Legacy of the Preserver] Increase die size from 2d6 to 2d8 when making stabilization rolls. (Permanent)

    Military Specialization:
    [The Eleventh Hour] Increase dice pool from 2d10 to 2d12 when fighting in a capital region.

    Holy Artifacts: Bloodstone Diadem (Impossible to steal, fused to Amerah Kren, +4 to leader loss rolls, grants spell siphoner powers, +1 to battles, extra +1 to battles if the enemy uses magical tech)

    Military Technologies:
    Sedellan Armor Coating [Sedellan Glass] +2 VS magical tech.
    Sacrificial Supply Lines [Crops] -1 Size Loss Roll
    Obsidian Fire [Obsidian Glass] +1 to Defending
    Diresnags [Labor] +1 size loss roll (unpreventable) && [Secondary] +1 distance loss roll (unpreventable) (both for enemy)
    Camel Cavalry [Camels or Horses] +1 to Battles
    Mass Conscription [Food] - After 4 units are spent raising troops, each subsequent action raises an additional troop. && Secondary [Food x2, Labor, Preservatives] Triggers after 3 actions are spent
    Refined Pican Weaponry [Iron OR Bronze] +1 to Battles
    Bani Bowls [Bani/Bani, Cloth, Alcohol, and Wood] Reduces combat losses by 1 if 2 or more Combat losses occur/Reduces losses by 1 if 2 or more losses occur (Tiers do not Stack)
    Prayer Seals [Enku and Writing Materials/2 Magic Writing Materials & 2 misc. Writing Materials] +2 to Leader Loss Rolls/+1 to battles that have a leader
    Standardized Fortifications [Stone / 3 Stone] Fortifications GP takes 3 actions instead of 5/+1 defense roll
    Dwarven Forts (Details pending)
    Hard Iron Armor (Details Pending)

    Spoiler: Mil tech color to slots

    Close Combat Weaponry
    Armor & Wards
    Fortifications, Sappers, and Siege
    Drugs, Medicine, and Blessings
    Stealth, Sabotage, and Traps

    [GP effect: Ability to spread the gift of the Siphoner among the Court of Thorns]

    Generals: None

    Economics Technologies:
    Violet Oath [Violet Oak] +1 Against Secret Actions
    Salt Wagons [Preservatives] +1 Unit Cap
    Surplus Production [3 Resources of the same type] Use E5s to increase resource from great to grand
    Fish Glue (Details Pending)

    Capital: Aspen Heights
    Secrets Whispered: 3
    Resources Required: Foreign Workforce
    Resources controlled: Violet Ash (R53, TP1), Slaves (R78, TP2 & TP3), Salt (R67, TP2), Textiles (R59, TP2), Verdant Wine (R52, TP1)
    Embassies: Avakonia?, Azenhal, Karys, Dvatla
    CC Bases: [R58 - Varjik]
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