Added Flawless Recall, Earth Dive, and Natural Projectile.

Flawless recall (2 RP)
Prerequisites: None
Benefit: Members of this race have unusually acute memories. When rolling any knowledge skill, 1 + int mod times per day (minimum 1) this race may roll twice and take the higher result.

Earth Dive(2 RP)
Prerequisites: None
Benefit: While they do not possess a burrowing speed, members of this species can move or dig straight down and hide themselves in the earth. As a standard action, members of this species can dig down no more than five feet into soil, dirt, sand, gravel, or other loose ground types. This cannot be used on stone or artificial flooring. While underground in this fashion, members of this species have cover and total concealment. However, they are functionally blind and cannot attack. Additionally, they are tightly confined by the soil and cannot make any of the somatic components needed for spells. Also, they are able to breathe while underground, provided the ground is not waterlogged. However, this does not grant them the ability to breathe underground in other situations. Emerging from underground is also a standard action. Both digging down and emerging provoke attacks of opportunity.
Special: For an additional RP, digging down and emerging in this fashion is a move action. Members of this species may dig down into the earth as a 5 foot step, which does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Natural Projectile (2 RP)
Prerequisites: None
Benefit: This race is able to fling quills, shoot seeds, or has some other means of naturally attacking at a distance. Select either bludgeoning or piercing. 1 + con mod times per day (minum 1), as a standard action, this race may make a ranged attack with a bonus equal to their level. This attack has a range increment of 10 feet, and does 1d6+str damage of the type selected above. At level 5, and for every five levels after, the damage increases by 1d6 (to a maximum of 5d6+ str damage at level 20). This attack is considered a natural attack and as a thrown attack.
Special: You may spend additional race points on this trait. For each race point spent, select one of the following bonuses
Extra range: This attack has a range increment of 20 feet. This bonus may be purchased twice to increase the range increment to 30 feet.
Speed: This attack may be done as a move action. This bonus may be purchased twice to make this attack a swift action.
Extra damage: At level 3, level 8, level 13, and level 18, increase the damage by an additional 1d6.