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    Round 28
    [Imperial Sultanate of Regno]

    Desert of Magic regions: Regno (8), Iadesh (7), Jherki (9), Deaux (56), Thae Guceart (92), Avegan (3)

    [Imperial Sultana Venusa Regno, Grand Magus of Initia, Mother of Silence, Embodiment of the Aspect of Spirit, A Founder of the Sunajin]

    1. [Military] WAR The Sultanate goes to war in the southern part of Regner, to lead an assault, with the help of Izbefe. Proper governance of the region will be turned over to Queen Sigyn.
      (3 Units sent to Region 4, under the command of Magi Arunca [Mil 8]; Hard Iron Armor, Camel Cavalry, Stochiophraktoi, Enchanted Arrows, Refined Pician Weaponry, Bani Bowls, Sacrificial Magic Supply Lines, Diresnags, Signal Lamps [TACTICS])
      Mad King Dafi will not make another assassination attempt on anyone.
    2. [Military] WAR The Sultanate goes to war in the southern part of Regner, to support Izbefe.
      (3 Units sent to Region 5, under the command of Izbefe's General, Roda [Mil 7]; Hard Iron Armor, Camel Cavalry, Stochiophraktoi, Enchanted Arrows, Refined Pician Weaponry, Bani Bowls, Sacrificial Magic Supply Lines, Diresnags, Signal Lamps [TACTICS])
      Mad King Dafi will not make another assassination attempt on anyone.
    3. [Economy 10] Magi Blessed Scrolls (Divination) [GM Approved]
      Requirements: Writing Materials / Magical Powder, Lumber, Scholarly Artifact
      Effects: +1 Defense / +2 Tactics Roll

      Initia has discovered a way to imbue into large scrolls an Elemental Rune of Air that, when the scrolls are crafted - then split in two - allows for a Magi to write on one, and have the same writing appear on the other. This calling upon the Elemental Aspect is fickle, however, and the scrolls do not last very long; six days, seven hours, and eight minutes seems to be the maximum, but for those six days, communication is vastly improved. With enough resources, larger scrolls can be made and split into multiple parts; each part shows what has been written on any other.
    4. [Faith] The Three Towers seeks to spread further wisdom to the curious.
      (Claim Religious Center, Region 7 HC#2, Roll: 15)
      Iadesh has those whom have questions. Initia has the answers!
    5. [Faith] The Three Towers seeks to spread further wisdom to the curious.
      (Claim Religious Center, Region 6 HC#3, Roll: 19)
      Izbefe has those whom have questions. Initia has the answers!
    6. [Economy] Properly notified of the imminent loss of access to Hlaali Bark, Umbo Iadesh IX strikes out with merchants to attempt to acquire a different source of Lumber.
      The Volzen of Jintha are very polite about their acquisition of Hlaali Bark from Regnan Merchants. While there is some backlash and grumbling from some families that have been working with Deaux for years now, the Sultanate sees no choice but to acquire lumber elsewhere. Thankfully, Jintha - while the source of the problem - also provides a viable solution. Perhaps not intentionally, but the Volzen seem supportive. At first. Yet their merchants seem resistant.
      (UNSupported Buyout of second Trade Post, Region 108, [Bonuses] Expanded Holds, Precision Weights, OMC Rank 5, OMC Rank 7, Fish Glue; Roll: 17)
    7. [Economy] Magi Vecto, recognizing a possible military issue before it arrives, asks the Merchant Guild to acquire additional aerial support. Perplexed at first, Umbo Iadesh complies with the wizened general's request, and reaches out to Ti Linnad.
      (Supported Buyout of third Trade Post, Region 21, [Bonuses] Expanded Holds, Precision Weights, OMC Rank 5, OMC Rank 7, Coatlan Numerals; Roll: 26 [24 without Support])
      The Sultana's brother, Yaldean Sortis Regno, Alteto of the Sultanate and current Heir has passed along some interesting information - suppositions that Alteto Yaldean has made while in Jintha - to Magi Vecto. This has the old Oamenii concerned, and while he does not explain his concerns, he is quite pleased when the Iadesh family attempts to acquire Pegasi for the Sultanate.

    Roll link 1

    • Allow Vassals to pass through Sultanate lands as needed
    • Support the buyout of the Sfa´ri Free Alliance
    • Approve the purchase of the Camel Calvary Tech by the Tundras of Whern
    • The massive - if polite - purchases by Jintha from Regno controlled resources comes as a surprise. The Sultanate orders merchants to keep whatever contracts possible. Resist the purchases of 7.1 (23), 45.3 (15), and 56.1 (24). [Link]
    • Support resistance of purchases of the above and help protect Dvatla's Bani - to assist their war effort - with Standardized Currency (Sapphires, Sapphires, [x1] Bani)
    • Bhule Amham Embassy
      • At the request of the Clans, send the Amham Federation the Himitsu tech
    • Izbefe Embassy
      • Gift Izbefe Magi Blessed Scrolls
    • Clanlands Embassy
      • Instruct the Kunai in the ways of various Technologies, expecting them to honor the Sultanate's laws regarding each:
        • Feth Dens
        • Spymaster
        • Expanded Holds
        • Privacy Tapestries
        • Mass Conscription
        • Magi Blessed Scrolls
    • Dvalta Embassy
      • Gift Dvalta Magi Blessed Scrolls, in the hopes that it aids their war efforts
    • Khirus Embassy
    • Karys Embassy
    • Theocracy of Coatl

    Spoiler: News and Rumors

    • Tacere and Privire are nine years old. Privire has taken to talking for her mute sister, but it's quite clear that Tacere is the more demanding child. Former Grand Magus Tutum Sortis is convinced that his great grand-daughters have somehow worked out a private communication method.
    • The attack on Queen Sigyn is a complete surprise to many, but is the final straw as well. Sultana Venusa is prepared, and orders the Legionnaires to support Izbefe in it's war. Magi Arunca is also sent south to find and remove Mad King Dafi from his seat of power.
    • The Ridi'r departure does not go unnoticed by the Sultanate. Many promising students have disappeared from Regner, and for that reason, Bratus Academy mourns. It is rumored that the loss of 'Gxe'dhok's Heart from the sub-continent also causes the Three Towers some consternation, especially when it is discovered that the Heart has even gone missing from Ridi'r hands. Many begin to suspect that the Heart goes where it wants...
    • King Dafi's exact location has not yet been found, but news that the one called Shadow Eyes has opened a case to find him seems to calm many. That the Kunai Clans seem to be moving in strange ways in the south of Regner also seems to help...
    • The bird-toad-thing that has been the Sycoraxistan Ambassador is proving quite effective, and is reporting - via written notes - that he is quite comfortable where he is. The Sultana seems reluctant, however, and asks that the Three Towers finds the former man an assistant. Over the period of two years, one at a time, six different Aspecuts pass away, under mysterious circumstances; circumstances that, reportedly, could have been avoided if they had only listened to the Sycorax and the current Ambassador. Two others are sent, with very strict orders that they are to do everything suggested to them by the Ambassador and their hosts, no matter how ridiculous. One of them succeeds. The other goes missing, and is presumed dead.
    • The formation of the Sunajin Clan comes as a surprise to some within the Desert of Magic. Most are able to see it for what it is: a clever political move that increases the ties between the Clans and Regno. However, many others see it as an opportunity to advance; there are more than four different Aspectus who petition to be the official Sunajin Clan historian. Only one of which is accepted, as she also wants to join the Clan.
    • Explaining Mad King Dafi to Sycorax proves to be a challenge, at first. They seem to have described the horrendous Crabbin' Fever plague that swept across all of Emjata as a typical Tuesday. According to records, they did not even notice it. Used to dealing with magically inclined diseases, Sycoraxistan found a cure quickly, and no one suffered noticeably more than anyone normally did within the region. If there were any transformations into crab-people, the Sycorax didn't notice. So they are, at first, difficult to convince of Dafi's madness. However, when it is explained that he did not study the disease to cure it, but to spread it, their reaction is surprising: every last one of their armed forces marches with Regno to destroy Dafi.
    • Alteto Yaldean Sortis Regno in Jintha is very concerned. The Volzen have been his friends for nearly a decade or more now, and while they are slow to respond to official inquiries, they have inquisitive minds and even temperaments. In Alteto Yaldean's letters to his sister, he says that he is beginning to suspect that there are two differing factions of Volzen in Jintha: those that support Regno, and those that support Perijanism. The Perijanist Volzen aren't hostile towards the prince, the Ambassador, or their retinues... but they are not welcome, either, and are often avoided. Almost as though they are afraid of the Initiates. Yaldean cannot figure out what has gone wrong, but he has suspicions, and passes them along to Magi Vecto.
    • Thae Guceart's leader, the Sobriety, reports suspicious movements to the northwest. The Overvann may currently be dealing with a rebellion in Bhule, tensions on the border villages seem to be rising. Apparently, the Overvann do not care for any form of Dragon, including Venusa and her children, if the rumors are to be believed.

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Dragon Blooded - All future rulers of the Regno line will receive +1 Stat upon Ruler Rolls (chosen by the GM)
    Lesser Dragon - Venusa Regno can turn into a Lesser Dragon and back at will

    Sultana Venusa Regno D E F M I
    Current 7 10 7 7 5
    End of round 25 0 0 0 2 0
    End of round 26 1 2 0 0 0
    End of round 27 0 1 0 2 0
    End of round 28 0 0 0 0 0

    New Ruler Next Round

    Expected Stat Bonuses: +1 Military, +1 Faith

    Spoiler: Mechanical Bookkeeping

    Total Number of Regno 'Owned' Religious Centers: 11
    Total Number of Initia 'Learning' Centers: 26
    Total Number of Initia Holy Orders: 3

    Regno Controlled Trading Posts:
    • Bani - Region 8, TP #1
    • Bani - Region 8, TP #2
    • Bani - Region 8, TP #4
    • Sapphires - Region 9, TP #3
    • Corn - Region 33, TP #3
    • Iadeshian Camels - Region 7, TP #1
    • Iron - Region 12, TP#2
    • Giant's Silk - Region 11, TP#2
    • Moon Opals - Region 22, TP#1
    • Granite - Region 26, TP#2
    • Parchseed Oil - Region 51, TP#2
    • Hlaali Bark - Region 56, TP#1
    • Ships - Region 6, TP #3
    • Medicinal Herbs - Region 89, TP #2
    • Beer - Region 92, TP #1
    • Millet - Region 5, TP #1
    • Incense - Region 45, TP #3
    • White Bani - Region 36, TP #2
    • Porphyra - Region 20, TP #2
    • Labor Guilds - Region 62, TP#1
    • Herring - Region 105, TP#2
    • Copper - Region 30, TP#1
    • Enku - Region 54, TP#3
    • Tin - Region 18, TP #2
    • Sedellan Glass - Region 58, TP#1
    • Gxe'dhok Hide Hard Metal - Artifact
    • Timber - Region 2, TP #2

    (Red = Requirements Not Met)
    (Bold = Restricted Technology)
    • Diplomatic Expedition (Exploration, Colonization, and Diplomacy Claim)
    • Expanded Holds (Buyouts)
    • Precision Weights (Buyouts)
    • Standardized Currency (Support Buyouts)
    • Fish Glue Manufacturing (1/round Econ)
    • Full Course Discourse (Stabilization)
    • Warded Locks (+2 Defend Thefts)
    • Decentralized Authority (New Ruler Stat Increase)
    • Spy Master (Can I5 a Spymaster)
    • Mass Conscription (Extra Units)
    • Red Herring Evidence (Defend Against Investigations of Secret Actions)
    • Himitsu (+1 Resist Investigations)
    • Coatlan Numerals (1/round Econ Bonus)
    • Privacy Tapestries (Org Rolls / Secret Actions)
    • Bani Bowls [Medicine]
    • Camel Cavalry [Calvary]
    • Refined Pician Weaponry [Weapons]
    • Sacrificial Magic Supply Lines [Logistics]
    • Hard Iron Armor [Armor]
    • Heavy Wood Armor [Armor]
    • Inyoni Skyfarers [Live Weapons]
    • Enchanted Arrows [Ranged]
    • Enchanted Catapults [Siege]
    • Aerial Bombardment [Tactics]
    • Surplus Production [Siege]
    • Salt Wagons [Supply]
    • Signal Lamps [Tactics]
    • Standardized Fortification [Siege]
    • Dwarven Fortifications [Siege]
    • Wave Bombing
    • Diresnags [Traps]
    • Prayer Seals [Armor/Ward]
    • Stochiophraktoi [Cavalry AND Ranged Weapons]
    • Sedellan Armor Coating [Armor/Ward]
    • Coin Armor [Armor/Ward]
    • Feth Dens (Destabilization)
    • Meterological Navigation (+1 Exploration Rolls)
    • Obsidian Fire [Siege]
    • Wingknights [Cavalry]
    • Black Blood [Tactics]
    • Impaler Palisades [Traps]

    Military Units:
    • 2 [Legionnaires]
    • 2 [Sea Wolves]
    • 2 [Stormvine Shock Troops]
    • 2 [Avegan Warband]
    • Magi Vecto [+8 Mil General]
    • Magi Arunca Newbess [+8 Mil General]
    • Magi Rubrum Nisip [+8 Mil General]

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