Move aside, Harssaf, we got a new cool-and-edgy monster. I'm not going to ask anyone to suffer through the entire fluff text, but at least read the opening paragraph.

Ragewalkers embody the natural forces of war and combat in the same way that a nymph embodies the beauty of nature or a dryad embodies the heart of its tree. These deadly fey emerge from a landscape torn and twisted by war, and they are nature’s response to the ravages of such battles. The ragewalker, also known as the war torn fey, exists to perpetuate combat, turning men and beast alike against one another. Insane by the standards of any but the uncaring forces of nature, ragewalkers seek the annihilation of all war through the annihilation of all who are capable of making war.
With that out of the way, let's take a look at their stats. One immediate issue is the walker's hit dice: not only does it have 22 of them, they're also Fey type, which are basically only interesting for combat-avoiding skillmonkeys (fun fact: ragewalkers have a grand total of seven class skills). Ability scores are moderate (19 strength and con, 24 charisma and dexterity, 14 wisdom, 10 intelligence), especially for something that's got this many RHD.

This awful chassis is somewhat compensated for with DR 10/cold iron, as well as fast healing 5. Less relevant are the +6 natural armor and dual claw attacks.

Special abilities are a very mixed bag. Control Living Spells is interesting, but ultimately just a limited version of Rebuke Ooze. Grafted Armor gives the ragewalker the option of penalty-less, movement-neutral armor with a +6 bonus. Whether this is worth it probably depends on whether it can be enchanted.

A ragewalker's main trick is Induce Blood Frenzy, which makes everything within a certain radius go berserk and madly attack the closest creature. The issue: said radius is ten feet, meaning that half the time all it does is buff whatever was going to attack you anyway. It does have some utility in disabling casters, but I'm not sure I'd say that makes up for not being able to go within three meters of friendlies in fear of driving them insane. There's also the bit where a ragewalker doesn't really possess the movement options to use this ability creatively.

Repel Missiles, in the spirit of good ol' WotC design, completely invalidates any ranged weapon users unless they have +6 bows. How exactly a level 14 character is supposed to have that isn't elaborated on. I'm not denying the ability has some use, but ranged weapon users are a lot rarer among monsters than among PCs.

Weapon Cloud is... bad. 2d6 slashing damage that gets reduced by DR is bad, even when it's a passive effect. Arguably, it's mostly your own allies who will suffer from this.

Finally there's the SLAs. 3/day Wall of Fire, Blade Barrier, Bull's Strength, and Greater Magic Weapon are very meh, and definitely don't redeem this critter.

-0 LA, in the end. Ragewalkers are too little for too much.