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    Though most don't remember it, the known universe has already ended before, but it was temporarily pieced back together again. Unfortunately, not all of the pieces came back together perfectly. No one has the answers, and strange mysteries pervade the true nature and condition of the world. Golarion is left a strange and twisted mockery of itself. Unexplainable rifts corrupt swathes of lands, unleashing monstrosities across the world to drag it back into the abyss of death. Stranded by these tears in reality, strangers from even stranger worlds wander, displaced by these shifts. These so called 'Offworlders', originate from far flung reaches of the universe and struggle to adapt to the places which they find themselves. The mysteries lingering in the wake of these changes has made life difficult and frightfully dangerous.

    Ultimately, your initial objective stands as simply winning your freedom from your curse, though depending on your circumstances, unsettled grudges may still stand with the infamous Cotton Club after your falling out. It is left to the players individually to establish and detail where they stand with the Club, or if that score is settled. As the game goes on more sandbox options will open up, such as kingdom building and other avenues to help you establish your own mark on the world. The events which led to the apocalyptic events in the past (or future) will eventually bring an end to this world as well if left unaddressed. However, close to two decades remain before the prophesied doomsday comes again. Uncovering the secrets of the Long Night will guide characters towards the clues of what awaits them. Combat isn't the mandatory method of problem solving, and almost all encounters including the inevitable end of the world could be solved with investigation and proper measures taken to prepare others to stand in your stead. Making allies and building them up to fight on your behalf is a perfectly viable strategy. These might be the friends you make over the years, or even your children. How you decide to handle the challenges you face is left in your hands.

    Spoiler: Returners & Offworlders
    ֍ [The Returner's Fragmented Time] ֍

    The world ended suddenly and without any sign of warning on an unknown day of an unknown month in AR4723 - A day referred to as 'Terminus'. The second coming of The Long Night. The abrupt apocalypse had no major events suggesting it would even occur. Except The Long Night from 36 years previous, which lasted 6 days and no aftereffects remained. A number of fortunate souls found their way back in time (present day AR 4707), however the world was significantly changed within their new timeline.

    [Thematic Options: All cannon Golarion events up to the end of the world in their original time are assumed to have taken place, and so those characters who do hail from an alternate future such as characters with the Offworlder or Returner Potential Paths (not currently available to new PCs) may retain some memories which differ from events unfolding around them. PC's may opt to be from this original timeline, or another if they are an Offworlder, even without these particular Potential Paths. However, memories from this original period are often blurry or completely forgotten. At times they may regain these throughout the course of play. PCs generally remember standard lore, but not events which preceded Terminus, with the exception of specific information detailed for those of unique Potential Paths. Characters who possess this awareness acutely notice the continuous degradation of the world around them and what it will eventually lead to, while others are puzzled by the mystery.]

    Some have outwardly spoken of a destined 'dooms day', but are regarded as madmen by most - while others disregard them on simple merit of the taboo of speaking of The Night. Very few individuals other than the scholars and archivists who primarily work between the Pathfinder Society's Grand Lodge and Cayla's Cotton Club take any such claims seriously. Experienced Gales and all Freehands (Gales who have earned their freedom) believe there is some connection, or some level of truth in the prophetic ranting's of those who preached apocalypse. In their many journey's every experienced Gale has found at least one of the so-called 'Paradox Codices', items from a different time detailing events or peoples unknown. Even you yourself have found a number of the Codices, but like puzzles, they made little sense alone.

    Spoiler: Timeline of Events

    ֍ [General - After The Long Night] ֍

    Since The Long Night in AR 4687 various groups of sellswords established themselves as a means to readily deal with strange new threats which arose in the years which followed. The emergence of unexplainable new abilities within creatures and beasts called 'Potentials' were only one of the many changes beginning to reveal themselves. At times magic was unreliable, and never-before-seen threats seemed to be discovered with each passing day. Life was a gift easily stolen, and wounds seemed to fester and cripple in an unnatural manner, as if cursed. Men shied from open combat, and typical battle was waged at range or not at all if possible.

    Sellswords were cheap compared to the very real threat of death. Expendable, and readily available, there was no shortage of souls willing to brave dire threats for a few coins. Many had lost homes and family, left with little else after the attacks during The Night. Many smaller settlements fell under the siege of a Tide, leaving nothing but streets cluttered with the clothes and personal effects of those who were taken away by the mysterious Hollowed. Unraveling the mystery of The Whispering Witch became the singular focus of nearly every major organization as the mysterious Veil Witches seemed to suddenly depart with the darkness. They could only be sure that whatever this was, it was not over.

    The prestigious Cotton Club stood at the forefront of the mercenary guilds. Being the most expensive and well trained sellswords was not the only reason they were so recognized. It had been their mistress, Cayla Vronds, who had first put such a personal investment into uncovering the dormant mysteries of the world after The Night. It was her men who first braved the stranger parts of the world. The parts left wild and cursed. Places now left unrecognizable. With strict guidance, they recorded all they found and experienced. They established an office to sort and piece together all they collected, eventually proving the existence of the variable powers developing in various creatures. Perhaps the singular most important discovery of the era, the emergence of Potentials. The discoveries they made quickly established their organization as an authority on what seemingly appeared as remnant curses left upon the world. It was not long till others followed, seeking to understand the changes occurring about them.

    To better document and ensure the validity of the Club's findings, the Grand Lodge established a joint partnership - providing chroniclers to record the journeys and pioneering's of the Gales. It was a rough and dangerous profession, but those who carried the seal of a Gale were equally respected and feared. Conscription into the Club was no minor feat, requiring both patience and skill. All those who dreamed the dream of wearing a Gale's ink upon their skin did so wishing to find the same riches, training and opportunity to uncover the secrets of how an entire world could be brought to its knees by one cursed witch. To some it was a promise of wealth. To others, it was a chance at revenge.

    The commonfolk could only wonder what all the Cotton Club really knew, or what they truly kept secret even from the Grand Lodge. To them, the people, the roguish gentlemen who daringly ventured where others could not seemed superhuman. Special. Different... and perhaps dangerous. While men seemed to grow fatigued and lessened in substance, the Gales seemed stronger and more powerful than even those who fought before The Night. Rumor and conspiracy filled some with mistrust and caution. Those fearing the truth of their own idle banter accused them of being agents of The Whispering Witch - which according to their own delusions was the cause of their power. As it was, Gales were indeed stronger than normal men, but anyone familiar with the guild knew with certainty they were not loyal to The Witch. The secret of their power was known only to the Gales and their mistress, and they intended to keep it that way.

    ֍ [The Witch Hunts - AR 4688 - 4693] ֍

    No one is exactly sure from where men heard the name of The Whispering Witch first, but that knowledge and that fear spread faster than plague. It polluted the minds of men, driving them mad and feeding the phobias of every idle-handed soul who heard such tales. It was Father Ioetel, a warrior priest of Iomedae who called for brave men to rise up and combat the scourge of the Veil Witches who served 'She Who Whispered'. Men from across the land rallied to his call as if it were a fourth Mendevian Crusade, and together they launched an attack upon the covens of the Veil Witches. This action would lead to perhaps the greatest blunder of men, marking the turn of the century. By the records which existed, only one actual member of the so called Veil Witches was executed during the five year campaign which would be later called the Witch Hunts. With almost no guidance nor information on their enemy, the patchwork forces simply went insane in their quest for vengeance. With no definitive answer to what they looked like or what identified them, they daftly plunged face first into the untamed wilds. The tainted lands grasped their attention first - so distorted was the landscape, surely it was the seat of evil. They died by the thousands, fodder for ravenous Veilbeasts who could not catch those quick witted strays who had survived the year of darkness alone.

    Eventually they fled, bringing with them crusaders bearing tainted wounds beyond number. Infection spread. Veilplague and worse was released in mass upon the daft and unsuspecting men who knew nothing of the new world. Terrible magical illnesses, the kind the first Harriers had learned to avoid now ran rampant wracking societies. Those who knew better stayed far away from the halfwits who had survived behind their walls. Those beyond the walls had killed friends and family, burnt their bodies just to stop the spread of the sickness. Now living-dead spread such filth without even knowing they were already doomed. They blamed it on the witches, fear feeding fear. It was a counterattack, a curse to blight their warriors. From the chaos an order rose, a congregation of priests of Feronia who called themselves 'Purifiers'. Systematically, they reined in the madness and quarantined the infected. With bellowing flame they burned away the taint and the tainted alike, while leading the madness and panic with the strong arm of their inquisitors. With fearmongering they fed upon the anxiety of the people and hunted down any witch, enforcing their own laws. Aiding a witch in anyway was the act of a traitor, while reporting one was aiding in the purge of the plague. They captured and more often than not executed those taken into custody. Those with mismatched eyes of opposing color, silver or white hair, or openly displaying a familiar or fetish were immediately apprehended on no better grounds than suspicion. Fearful of being reported themselves, the common man reported any sight of arcane practice to the inquisitors, who gladly obliged. Witch, or wizard, it made no difference to them. Only those whose powers were God-given could be called innocent.

    The Purifiers were disbanded after only a year and a half by the standing monarchs of every land still fit to rule, and quietly they complied. Yet, the damage had been done. The stigmas their order left within the mentality of men had been cemented by their own terror. A fear of all arcane magic lingered in those who lived through the Hunts, and the Purifiers were always silently venerated in the background. Though fewer in number, the inquisitors continued to roam the land and persecute witches and condemn magic where they could. Those loyal to their order still toiled for their sake, reporting would-be witches. Support for the Purifiers was socially acceptable, and thus a large spy network existed to support the few true inquisitors which remained. Even to this day, the order prides itself in its knowledge of just about every witch who shows her face, even if it cannot always act.

    Spoiler: Changes after the Long Night

    ֍ [Veilbeasts & The Tainted Lands] ֍

    After The Long Night, the world changed. Those who survived out in the wilderness would claim it had changed the moment the light went out. Regardless of the truth, many strange effects remained to this day. Unexplainable areas known as Tainted Lands now spontaneously could be found in various locations. The nature and scenery is altered and distorted in unique ways which drastically stand out from the natural world. Within these places magic often acts erratically, as could more mundane forces - like weight or gravity. Those who ventured into these dangerous environments could not be sure of what to expect, but where there was Tainted Land there was a 'ruin', sometimes called 'shrines', hidden somewhere in the land. Sometimes these places pulled things from the homes of Offworlders and shotguned them out in a chaotic splatter of nature and structures foreign to Golarion. Unusual tools, weapons and treasures could be found in these hostile lands - but from them come terrible creatures. Monsters known as Veilbeasts.

    The name could at times be deceiving, as the commonfolk used the name to describe any non-humanoid creature which possessed a Potential, simply because they had never seen a true Veilbeast to learn the difference. True Veilbeasts were unlike anything which every walked the face of this world. Spawned from the Tainted Land, they were as bizarre and perplexing as the twisted land from which they were sprung. However, they were not bound to the Tainted Land which birthed them and could wander off freely to spread horror and cause damage to the civil world. Veilbeasts were the native enemy of Gales, who's default mission was exploring the Tainted Land. Gales could 'kill' Tainted Land by reaching the core of a shrine and destroying its 'heart', preventing anymore Veilbeasts from emerging from it. However, there was no predetermined fixed number of locations tainted, new Tainted Land could manifest nearly anywhere at any time.

    Gales had to be as careful as possible while hunting Veilbeasts since all of them possessed at least a single Potential to deliver cursed wounds. Even a slight scratch might be enough to kill. Some beasts caused infectious disease, while others were degenerative and difficult to heal, some where even completely immune to magical healing and maddeningly difficult to mend. Cursed wounds were not uncommon, but Veilbeasts tended to be the absolute worst. Those who survived the wilderness during The Night developed new modes of combat to deal with such creatures, but as all Gales learned, without proper preparation and information one was bound to be killed eventually. Gales don't readily face off against such threats until after some initial investigation to plan around the unique abilities of their enemy. Despite the dangers, some common adventurers and mercenaries dare to venture into these places in hope of discovering great wealth; and some do, but most never leave.

    ֍ [Doomspeakers] ֍

    Men and women who have been convinced of the apocalypse often join various cults seeking protection, but none were more radical than those who called themselves 'Heralds'. The most fervent preached on the streets, earning them the household nickname of 'doomspeakers', a derogatory label often thrown at anyone claiming the world would end. Though it was no more than rumor and suspicion, some claimed there was a sinister underbelly to the mostly-peaceful fanatics. Some claims accused them of being controlled by the Veil Witches, while others claimed them to be cultists loyal to some ineffable eldritch gods.

    Spoiler: The Cotton Club

    ֍ [Secrets of the Gales] ֍

    While a great deal of conspiracy and hearsay surrounded them, a number of such rumors were in fact true - though still unproven. The Gales did hold a number of secrets individually, but far fewer than Cayla herself. The revelation of Potentials to the world only disclosed a portion of the truth. The Cotton Club evaluated every applicant for their ability and likelihood to develop Potentials, but the secrets to its cultivation remained a closely guarded secret. As needed, small portions of advice were given to help guide a Gale's growth, but the exact science behind it was never disclosed. Just as it was outside of the Club, one did not publicize the fact that they were a Potential-holder to the world, for fear of becoming a prime target for anyone seeking to make use of such abilities for themselves. Within the Club, everyone possessed a Potential, but what those abilities were was not something divulged to anyone save for one's own team - or at least those parts they felt so inclined to expose for the purpose of teamwork. Even within teams of Gales, excessive details were usually omitted, such as background or anything aside from the simple mechanical features of an ability to best utilize it. Everyone was from nowhere, and no one felt so inclined as to unveil anything which might be used against them. In a guild which prevented its members from murdering each other directly, via magical influence, internal conflict were fought with words and subterfuge. Very few knew anything about one another, and information was valuable in achieving an upper-hand. Only the mistress stood above it all, holding all the cards, seemingly knowing everything about everyone who carried her seal and many who did not; regardless if they spoke of it. Fortunately, secrets didn't escape from the web of lies and misdirection the mistress wove within and about the Club. As vexing as it could be, at least there you could be certain your private matters were safe. The only thing all Gales shared was the knowledge that their Potentials grew, atrophied, or changed by their own personal motivations and the strength of that desire.

    ֍ [The Paradox Codices] ֍

    The most valuable items which a Gale could unearth were various items of mundane or magical records known as the Paradox Codices. Often time they appeared as books, tomes, notes and legers, but they were not exclusively limited to such written forms. Sometimes they could be such items like jewelry or enchanted tools possessing some manner of record or message which could not be easily explained. The Codices held records from various times, most often from dates which had yet come - items from the future. Whether they were truly that or simply a hoax was unknown - but the Archivists of the Club strictly cataloged all such findings, and if it was verified as one of the Codices the guild would award a handsome commission to the Gales who recovered it. To satisfy the nosy chroniclers from the Grand Lodge some were made public. A number of works had been republished over the years, some of which becoming quite well known over time:

    Spoiler: Paradox Codices - The Maver Article

    "...And so, as abruptly as it had came - it departed. It was a quiet departure, without words nor reason. Like a fleeting unwelcome love. For twelve months and a day, the world - to its furthest reaches, had been drowned in darkness. Crops withered, men starved, and a gloom of a different sort begun to fill men's hearts. From that dark, creatures without name surged forth in countless numbers. Amorphous and without true definition, they slithered about like shadows; the fear and uncertainty within our hearts made manifest to drown frightful souls in their sleep. Cities were lost in a day. Brother turned against brother, doing anything to survive the horrors which the shade birthed. They were creatures who appeared from no where, sowing chaos and discord, then seemingly vanishing from existence like a spiritual flood. Those who were taken left only their personal effects, but no body remained to hint at what had become of them. Only discarded clothes and possessions lay scattered about to greet those who came upon them, like some absent and lonely grave. Light fought back the creatures, and with great braziers and magic men held out against the encroaching blackness. Hoping, praying they would live to see the magnificent silver glint of starlight, or perhaps... if the heart dared dream, the light of the sun. The looming roil of pitch lightless clouds dashed the dreams of most, crushing all illumination. Many during these wretched days could stomach the lightless world no longer, or were simply driven mad with grief. They chosen to end their lives on their own terms rather than live in fear of the toilsome night. Then on that blessed day, the clouds broke and parted letting the first rays of light shine through. We would remember this day forever, the day dawn had returned to a blighted world. Yet, even the brilliant rays of the heavens could not purge the dead-eyed dusk which lingered upon the faces of those who had done what they needed to survive. Those horrors, that shame, they would have to live with it forever. They would call this year The Long Night, and all would come to know just who was responsible. From the deepest depths of obscurity, to the heights of infamy, the one they called 'The Whispering Witch had become legend - and the enemy of humanity.

    But we were wrong.

    In those visions, she was not the tormentor the world had imagined.
    In those dreams, another shadow lingered.
    Something sinister. Far too ancient and strange to truly be understood.
    If these haunting hallucinations come to pass... then I will know you exist.
    I will know you are coming..."

    [The document is dated AR 4682 but is heavily damaged from age and poor storage conditions. It is marked with an arcane seal accompanied by a deteriorated signature, but the age of the magic mark roughly validates its creation to around the time the parchment was dated. This is thought to be the only article detailing the events of The Long Night years before they would occur, and thus the only proof that some knew such and event was coming. The paper was salvaged from a heavily damaged journal recovered by Elwick Chyne, an experienced Gale. The name of the signature is not whole but a number of taldane characters of the mostly complete last name remain: ''M-A---V-E-R---". It is considered as a remarkably important article by the Archivists, who actively seek to discover the author who is believed to still be alive. It is so named after the remaining characters of the signature.]

    Spoiler: Paradox Codices - On the Death of Magic (The Twelfth Enigma)

    "Whether we knew it or not, quietly, slowly, the world had begun to change from what we knew. Somewhere unseen, the things which made the world recognizable begun to unravel, like a thread being pulled away from beneath the fabric of our reality. Children were born... changed. Stranger, stronger, different. It seeped into the soil and all life as we knew it. The people, the plants and animals, each slowly was altered. After the night passed, abilities begun to develop within those 'touched', far unlike any before them. It changed societies and the definition of strength. In the years which followed, men adapted, and what was unique became normal. But to those who watched and waited, it appeared as if the world held its breath in waiting. The Long Night changed the nature of the world in an times, whatever it was which simmered beneath the surface would flare to life. Strange phenomenon beyond comprehension would briefly come and pass in an instant. Wind would cease, magic would choke and die, even the leaves would wither. At times men still vanished as they did during The Night. Those who had lived it would not speak of it, but the daring or daft would find the words with hushed voices. The witches, vile things, loyal to The Whispering Witch - they were the cause - they knew the answers. Yet, none could ask them. For after The Long Night ended, men took up arms and hunted down those which called themselves 'Witches of The Veil', and even those unassociated. It was a madness, a raw and unreasonable fear sown into the minds of those who'd survived. Fear of any magic which could not be called God-given, nor a science. Those who lived in ignorance shied away from even the Wizard's wise lessons, uncertain of where the division between the arcane and the occult dwelt. It was a grim new chapter for humanity and which we would call the Dark Age of Magic. In its place came the advent of Alchemy and the birth of a golden age of the sciences. Great minds rallied to the cause seeing the future, and deciding it best to abandon the old; boarding the new train, rather than being buried by it. Still, others stayed the course, frantically searching for answers as the frequency of the strange phenomenon which seemed to slowly be weakening the magics of the world spread further.

    I admit the fault of my order in allowing this ignorance to flourish in the minds of men. The Conclave could have stood candidly before the world, but our greed birthed the desire to horde the fruits of our knowledge. It demanded we linger within the shadows and secret ourselves away from the world. This selfishness, this avarice, was the death of the magical world. By the time we saw our own fault, it was too late. The true enemy would forever remain distant and unknowable while men would be preyed upon without ever knowing why. Adessa, only you can give them the chance they deserve, only you can make right our failure. If this should find you wherever you are, use it."

    Professor Talisen Brays
    Greater Conclave Grand Savant
    (Dated AR 4721)

    [The text goes on in strange glyphs and sigils for 12 pages accompanied by various footnotes and details written in a cryptic language. These notes have been an object of study within arcane universities for a number of years. Which seems to detail the activation and use of some manner of passage, theorized as a 'gate' by some, for an unknown purpose. These series of pages are a famous work called the 'Twelfth Enigma'. The language, or characters, used throughout the pages have yet to be translated, however small similarities in a handful of symbols were found with the Shory language. Though there exists no concrete evidence of it, some believe the characters might be written in some manner of precursor-tongue or parent-language from which Shory may have been derived. If such was true, the words transcribed would have been lost for far longer than the Shory-tongue, perhaps even predating the Age of Destiny. Some treated the volume as no more than a hoax or gimmick, while others faithfully believed answers to The Night rested somewhere within its cypher. Whatever the truth, one thing remained true. No one had ever heard of the man who penned it. The book was reprinted in massive volumes and a copy could be found in most cities. This is the most famous excerpt from this book written by its unknown future author titled 'On the Death of Magic']

    ֍ [Famous Teams & Remarkable Gales] ֍
    Despite your personal falling out with the Cotton Club, Gales (Club members) came from every walk of life imaginable. Some were villainous, while others were righteous or honest. Perhaps some acquaintances still remain, be they friend or enemy.

    (Prospects) - Hopeful applicants in the process of becoming full-fledged Gales or young members who are looking for training can become Prospects. Any sponsored team can take on a number of prospects determined by their sponsor. Prospects travel with the team and aides in accomplishing missions with them while paying them for the privilege. However, if a prospect dies while attached to a team, the Club applies a steep penalty to the team's debt. Teams shouldn't accept prospects unless they are confident they can defend their juniors properly.

    (Famous Teams)
    The Brothers Duo - A two man team made solely of the Chyne Brothers; The older Elwick Chyne & the younger Domvyk Chyne. Before they became Gales they were Nirmathi Irregulars fighting Imperial soldiers throughout the Fangwood. They are without a doubt the best Harriers, special guerilla soldiers, ever trained by Cayla's Freehands. The Chyne Brothers have a close relationship with The Red Leper, who was their primary instructor. The unique combat style of Harriers was only developed after the emergence of Veilbeasts, and seeing the need to learn modern blitz warfare they made it a point to find the means to be trained under one of the men who developed it. The brothers had always been professional soldiers, seeking fame in battle, but after The Night the world changed. Modern warfare was redefined by those few who survived in the wilderness and Tainted Lands alone before the sun returned. Those survivors taught the first strategists and developed a new kind of soldier. Now they were well known as some of the most exceptional Harriers one could hire. They maintained good connections with other Harrier companies to assemble proper units when engaging in larger missions. Elwick makes it a personal objective to explore Tainted Lands, but does so with others he can trust.

    The Three Swords - Arguably the most powerful team, but certainly the worst. The Three Swords are an all female team composed of the best swordfighters in the Cotton Club, the 'dream-team' of the guild. However, the team is dysfunctional. Almost never working together and rarely even seen in the same place. The team is composed of Lampetia - the inhuman ghostly swordswoman who has no interest in the living. Haust of Six Seals - the homicidal slasher who murdered six Gales and violently maims any others, and Glebriel 'the Swordsong' - the former Freehand who lost her freedom again after being sabotaged by Haust who refused to be sponsored by her. Haust plummeted the team into millions of gold worth of debt to ensure Glebriel would never be free again. In their usual manner, Lampetia only speaks to herself, Haust almost never speaks at all, and Glebriel speaks too much. They never agree to anything, and Glebriel has long given up on earning her freedom again. Thus she lives like a queen while letting the club foot the bill, adding on to their already insurmountable debt. Without question they are the worst team in the club outside of their combat ability, however they each have a number of significant personal accomplishments. Cayla tolerates their behavior since they still greatly contribute to the guild individually. Some Gales have nicknames for the team, calling them 'the three queens' or 'cotton princess', of course no one actually says any of those name to their face. Only an idiot would poke fun at Haust, unless he wanted to be the next stain on her sword.

    (Famous Gales)
    ⯎ ALICE: An Offworlder from somewhere no ones ever heard of. Her soft features and small stature are harshly offset by her cold unblinking face. While evidently not an any kind of android, or a least not of a kind seen before, she is most certainly not human. Her ability to communicate with others is limited, not understanding human emotions or complex speech aside from literal translations. What ALICE is, is as much a mystery as her origins. She possesses superhuman strength and speed, but no capacity for what might be considered commonsense in this world. She never forgets things she has seen and is able to regurgitate information from records verbatim, making her a welcome addition to many teams - however she rejects offers as their goals do not align with her own secret objectives.

    ⯎ Bel'cylnn Gale: A no good backstabbing rogue of the worst kind. No one really knows who Bel is since she's changed her face and name more times then one could count, but those who've survived working with her believe she's perhaps an exiled Red Mantis Assassin, or an agent of Daggermark's Assassins and Poisoners guild due to her large skillset revolving around such work. Bel is a seemingly kind woman with honeyed words for anyone daft enough to listen. A viper who doesn't show her fangs except when it was time to kill. Everyone and anything was expendable to achieve her own goals, even you. Something you learned the hard way. Still, she was the best in the business when it came to ruthlessly murdering unsuspecting fools without anyone ever knowing the difference. No target has ever survived once she has set her eyes upon them. Your misfortune with her was simply bad luck. Things just happened not to work out like they'd been planned, but ultimately what was a little collateral damage if one still achieved results? Bel'cylnn's book of tactics is filled with all things foul and underhanded. Be they women, children or animals - everything was fair game and nothing was sacred. She was a storm of greed being fed by Cayla's approval and the Red Leper's endorsement. Hers was as a bellowing flame devouring all around her, an endless voracious apatite for everything she couldn't possess; but such things weren't necessarily negative qualities in a Gale. So great was her rapacity that some suspected her Potential growth might dwarf all others with time. Ruthless and burning with an insatiable avarice, she was the perfect wave of destruction Cayla needed to tip the scale in her favor. To those who got hurt by stepping in her path, it wasn't personal.

    ⯎ Blane Arceneaux: An Offworlder from Earth. The older Frenchman was a skilled swordsmen and trustworthy ally, but seemed haunted by a great deal of ghosts from his past. He actively pursues work as a Gale, taking it very seriously. His search for Paradox Codices is all in efforts to piece together whatever he can about The Long Night and its inevitable return, that he might find a way to his home and family. His experiences make him a valuable friend in preparing for dangerous trips into the Tainted Lands and combating Veilbeasts.

    ⯎ The Red Leper: A Freehand, one of the first. During the early days of the guild, things had still been rough and gritty. Men died every day as Gales learned how best to combat the threats which emerged with the end of The Long Night and venture out to reclaim the wilderness. The Red Leper had survived the worst of it all, The Long Night, the siege of the Hollowed Tides, and what came after. He had survived alone for many months during The Night, done things both savage and cruel. He'd become a survivor. He was macabre and conniving, but now he was the guilds spy master and information dealer. He knew everything worth knowing about anything or anyone - or so he believed. He traded in it, dealt in it, information was everything. To the Gales, where gathering information before a mission was the difference between living and dying, his service was critical.

    ⯎ Glain 'Littlepockets': Charismatic and daring, Glain's tongue could almost move as quickly as his feet could. The undisputed champion of thieves, Glain was possibly the most skilled burglar and cutpurse of his generation. He wasn't much in a fight, but neither were his enemies when they realized they were lacking weapons. Illegal entry, disarming traps and lockpicking were his forte. Those which worked with him often described his work as more of an art. There has yet been a lock which has foiled Glain's skill, and it has been a number of years since the Varisian born thief had been caught on a job. Due to his skills, he refuses to join any team and instead sells his valuable abilities to the Club. His work is not cheap, but no one has ever said that hiring the affectionately named 'Littlepockets' was not worth every piece of gold. Glain hates his nickname, which is exactly why it stuck.

    ⯎ Weiss, Witch of Flame: The only public witch of the Gales. After The Long Night, fear of witches and the subsequent Witch Hunts led to every witch being labeled as a Veil Witch loyal to The Whispering Witch. These misconceptions have made it difficult for any witch to live publically, such was no different for Weiss. However, she refused to live in shadow like a criminal. Weiss became infamous overnight after being accepted by The Cotton Club, fueling talk of them being 'witch-lovers' or loyal to The Whispering Witch themselves. A number of riots and torch wielding mobs made a scene during the first few years. Weiss completed a number of quests showcasing her unusual magic, which was a farcry from the subtle curses used by conventional witches. She commanded elemental spirits to unleash devastation upon her enemies. It was loud, frightening, and accompanied by large amounts of evil laughter as she brought waves of molten flame crushing down upon hordes of Veilbeasts, followed by violent explosions of thundering fire. Had there been such a witch during the Witch Hunts, most men figured they would be dead - thus she evidently wasn't a Veil Witch by their simple logic... The voices quieted down afterwards, but she didn't earn any love from those who simply hated witches and magic. Rather, they feared her more, while the remnant Inquisitors from the Hunts believed she was even more dangerous - too powerful to be left alive. Within the Club she is equally feared and respected, but few trade words with her due to the belief that contracted spirits aren't bound by the same rule of those who bear a seal. Dying a horrible cursed death to some formless spirit wasn't how anyone wanted to go. Weiss was actually a very pleasant woman, born from a long line of hereditary witches, but most never got within an arms reach of her in fear they'll be violently murdered.

    Edit: Some more info from the Recruitment thread on Purifiers/Inquisitors and Imprisonment (Here)
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