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The Innkeeper warlock looks pretty good, I like it. The first level ability is pretty solid, shoring up the main weakness of friends every once in a while could make for some nice roleplaying moments, though if you already have persuasion I would limit the skill learned in its place to the warlock skill list to prevent people taking advantage of that to pick up obscure skills without multiclassing or having the background for it. The 6th and 10th level abilities are also pretty solid. The one thing about the 14th level ability I'd add is a small definition of what exactly is meant by "guests." Doesn't have to be much, maybe just half a sentence, but it'd be nice to know at least a little about how you can interact with them. Honestly, though, it'd be a lot of fun to walk into your fancy mansion thinking you'll finally get a bit of peace and quiet only to find a half-drunken goliath paladin singing drinking songs in the corner but your not allowed to to cast things like sleep on any of the guests.
Thank you! I went and fixed the skill part, and I agree about the defining-what-a-guest-is bit, but I'm not sure how to word it, so I'll come back to it soon.

I also like the Circle of Stars druid, both flavor wise and mechanically.
I very much agree. It's a cool way to utilize the druid chassis for something flavored of ye olde times. It's almost like it puts a different spin on the base class features themselves, which tickles me in my happy homebrew places.

I've got an idea for an invocation that lets you use Drawmij's Instant Summons on items from your enchanted hoard
That's a cool idea. I like the idea of mechanically rewarding such a subclass for having a horde, the whole concept is cool. Contests really bring people's best ideas front and center. I'll probably say more about you guys' things but in the meantime kudos to you all. So fabulous, so chic, so avant garde.