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    Lizuga steps around the goblins to lash out at the new threat, but her focus is off, and her hammer swing does nothing but blow up a cloud of turf. "Goddess?" she thinks for a moment, then feels the warm familiar glow of life streaming into her. "Right. Anything I can use on that fire?" she ponders, as she spares a moment to look over the barn.

    Spoiler: Actions and rolls
    5' step to R23, attack the caster at T25: Lucerne Hammer (1d20+5)[11], damage (1d12+4)[7]+(1d6)[6]. Swift action to use Triage on self, using Invigorating Touch to gain Fast Healing 3 for 1 minute, use Fast Healing to heal 3 HP. Move action to make a perception check re: fire, tools for extinguishing same, or more goblins: (1d20+7)[20]
    Spoiler: Defense, AoO etc.
    Spoiler: Attack of Opportunity #1 (reach)
    Lucerne Hammer (1d20+5)[13], damage (1d12+4)[7]+(1d6)[6].
    Spoiler: AoO #2 (Combat Reflexes)
    Lucerne Hammer (1d20+5)[17], damage (1d12+4)[5]+(1d6)[3]

    Lizuga can make AoOs at 5' with her shield, same rolls just drop the +1d6 to damage.
    Spoiler: AC and other defenses
    AC 13 (+1 Dex, +2 Shield). Counter: None (Ugh, I thought Oaken Shield was declared after the attack roll like most other counters, but on a closer look, that's not actually the case))
    Spoiler: Fort save
    Spoiler: Ref save
    Spoiler: Will save
    Spoiler: Resource tracking
    Maneuvers readied: Oaken Shield, Encouraging Roar, Staunching Strike.
    Triage: 2/3
    Hit Points: 9/10, fast healing 3 for 9 rounds
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