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    The sight of the carnage of the bathroom didn't phase Tom; the blood and broken glass were a sight he had seen a thousand times before. His face remained coldly passive, but he stepped forward one would approach a wounded animal.

    It wasn't the chaos that moved him. It was the suffering that caused the spark of anger to light in his rime-encrusted heart. He felt the warmth of Summer flowing through icy limbs and the Ogre knelt before the Lost girl. With surprising tenderness, Tom went to lift Kitsune into his arms and out of the broken pile of glass.

    With her safely tucked up against his massive chest, Tom would turn and begin to carry the bleeding woman down to the livingroom and away from the shattered room.

    Casting a quick glance from deep, black eyes to Reggy and Imere, Tom spoke softly. "Fetch a blanket, please."
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