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    Town Square

    Having sent the last goblin pyro senseless to the ground, Lizuga turns all her attention to the only goblin left standing in the immediate vicinity, the one with a whip. The guard, who is as of the moment unhurt, joins the fighting, but has little success - the goblin seems just too nimble to be easily hit. The goblin also has enough sense to switch weapon - he draws a dogslicer and stabs at Lizuga, wounding her for 4 damage. Abstalar Zantus casts a spell and a large cloud of steam and smoke emerges from the fire. "Will take some doing, but it isn't too late."

    Town Gate

    "Not hurt, or, I'd say, only in feelings. Those bastards just killed my dog." answers the noble. His overall posture suggests that he knows how to handle a sword, but the cane is hardly a weapon. With a battle cry, Justin darts forward charging the goblin on a strange dog, but only manages to scratch the opponent's studded leather armor. Lebwen charges alongside, but at a different target, and has more success - he hits the goblin through the chest for 7 damage, sending him to the ground.

    The goblins counterattack. One charges at Lebwen, hitting him for 4 damage. The other joins his boss fighting against Justin. He misses, but meanwhile both his boss and his boss' dog both attack. Justin skillfully manage to avoid the goblin's attack, but the dog bites for 4 damage. The Justing barely stands on his feet and feels very itchy around the bite.

    Spoiler: Adalbert
    This is so-called "goblin dog". You know what a goblin dog is. In particular, you know that goblin dogs are highly allergenic.
    Spoiler: Town Square
    Guard: (1d20+4)[11] for (1d8+3)[6]
    Goblin: (1d20+1)[18] for (1d4)[4]

    Spoiler: Town Gate
    Know (nature): (1d20+7)[22] (Adalbert)
    Know (nature): (1d20+4)[7] (Silna)

    Always roll correct die: (1d8+4)[7]

    Goblin charge: (1d20+4)[12] for (1d4)[4] vs Lebwen

    Goblin rider: (1d20+4)[23] for (1d8+1)[4] vs Justin
    Goblin dog: (1d20+2)[18] for (1d6+3)[4] vs Justin
    Goblin: (1d20+2)[4] for (1d4)[1] vs Justin

    Justin Fort: (1d20+4)[7] vs DC 12 or break out in an itching rash (a creature affected by this rash takes a 2 penalty to Dexterity and Charisma for 1 day)

    => Party (everyone, any order)
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