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    Quote Originally Posted by Ladorak View Post
    'We all know what it's like to be afraid Kitsune, even Tom.' Reggy said quietly 'Fear can be good, it sharpens the senses. But it can dull the mind.' He sat down before her, waving her down to her seat 'During the war...
    Imere took this moment to tune out entirely. The girl didn't need four people crowding her and Sir Humphrey was going into war stories so they'd be there for a while.

    Instead she went down to start poking around the phone and the power box, not so much looking to see if she could fix any of it but to see if she could identify what mystic power had caused her computer to short out. She wasn't an expert but she was sure that Sebastian wouldn't* mind if she looked through his books if she had any questions.

    * or would, but in an amusing way

    [I'm looking to make some sort of occult roll here. Bonuses, penalties?]
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