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    Default Re: The LA-assignment thread V: Escape from LA

    Rakshasa, Ak'Chazar

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    17 RHD is a lot, but the fact that it's outsider-type helps somewhat. The Ak'Chazar (which is incidentally hard to type without my keyboard assuming I want to say Ak«hazar) has reasonable ability boosts with about +8 average, including an important +12 charisma. It also benefits from an innate (and apparently nonmagical) fly speed, +13 natural armor, SR 31 and DR 15/piercing and good (stop the presses, piercing is useful!). Change Shape isn't a very impressive special ability, but Rebuke Undead on par with a 20th-level cleric sure is.

    Furthermore, the rakshasa also has Pain Wave, which is... poorly written. From what I can see, it simply lets you use Inflict Moderate Wounds with a fear rider on every creature within 20 ft. as a free action three times per day (the ability has a duration, but it doesn't do anything). However, because the ability is non-friendly a literal reading implies the user also gets targeted (homework: figure out a situation where a creature isn't within 20 ft. of itself). That said, I suppose it has some utility with Tomb-Tainted soul or when you just wanna kill that monster next to you.

    More importantly, the SLAs! Animate Dead isn't super impressive at this level, but Create Undead can give you free infinite spawn-creation with the mohrg, and Create Greater Undead lets you start the wightpocalypse as well as call a variety of fiends. However, not one of these abilities is inherently problematic in the way a shadow's spawn creation is (that is: without playing with the specific intention of getting infinite minions it's quite manageable), so the rakshasa doesn't deserve an asterisk for them.

    They also get Magic Jar and Trap The Soul, which while slightly less strong than undead servants is still pretty cool.

    Finally, spells. Ak'Chazars have 12th-level sorcerer casting, which they can add at most three levels to. Even so, sorcerers have arguably the best spell list in the game, and with a tier 3 balance point 7th-level spells are still pretty dang impressive. Having easy access to Divine Metamagic doesn't hurt either.

    In my opinion, between the Ak'Chazar's innate casting, reasonable chassis, potential for DMM abuse, and huge toolbox of freely createable undead, it deserves a +0 at the least (and to be honest, I could totally see an argument for +1 here). Do discuss.
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