"Can we die? No, not really," Zee replies as she fiddles with a stray lock of hair. "For this to make sense, you have to ask yourself first why anything dies. It's because you guys are made out of lots of teeny tiny parts that aren't alive. And those parts make really little things that are alive, but are just part of a whole that will fall apart if the whole isn't supporting it. Rearrange the living or non-living parts too much and you haven't got a person anymore. But empyreans aren't like that. We're fractal. It's turtles all the way down. You manage to smash an empyrean to bits, and you've got a whole bunch of it instead of just one. Except smaller and angrier."

That doesn't sound like much fun to deal with.

"Empyreans can eat each other, though. But the one that gets eaten doesn't die. They just become part of whatever ate them, subservient to their Will. If they stay together long enough, the distinction between the two gets pretty fuzzy. But if that empyrean ever got totally atomized, then the beings that got nommed would be freed to go skittering off on their own to start over again. Most of the mes that got dumped into the Empyreum before K'rax got exploded were eaten. I spent most of the last seven years hunting down the things that preyed on them and gobbling them up to put myself back together. It was like a really lethal scavenger hunt."


Zee shrugs at the demon's question. "Nothing as exciting as you might be imagining. None of them really oppose each other. It's more complimentary. If they did oppose each other then this thing should be melting my hand off," she says, raising the Dreamheart icon a bit higher.

At Xeni's question, Zee looks slightly uneasy. "Umm... just to be clear," she says as she holds it out toward the mage. "This is like someone saying, 'hey, can I do some experiments on that priceless gemstone you've got there?' I would really like to have this back when you're done please don't get mugged by any fae."

She'll give the Icon to Xeni. The transaction is all rather abstract. She doesn't actually hand it to him. He just kind of... has it now. It's weird. "The Watchers use these things all the time to make magical swag. They're safe in about the same way working a forge is safe. Just be careful, okay?"

Zee nods at that last question. "Koth definitely isn't one of us. Whatever it is, it's something inherent to the Eternal Game. Or, well, I suppose it's possible it might be a third external faction that we haven't ever noticed for mysterious reasons, but that seems kinda unlikely. The dichotomy between reality and unreality already covers pretty much everything."

At this point she glances around the table. "So! It sounds like we're all mostly up to speed, right? And we have a few avenues of inquiry. Figure out what everyone is after here in the Nexus. Locate said something. Find some way to secure or destroy it. Sub-quests, research Icons a bit and maybe try to figure out who or what Koth is. And of course blowing up any fae or empyreans that are causing trouble."

That seems like pretty much everything, right?