Adalbert Hornwood, of the Academy of Applied Magic, understudy to master wizard Kalizandrex Poppo

I'm afraid I am of not much use carrying the guard without hurting him. As much as I strain my capabilities, I don't think I can recreate the healing ritual of the Mwangi shamans again today. But at least let me clean your clothes to avoid further infections. The small professor waves his hand and Lizuga's torn clothes are as good as new. Except you know, torn. If we find a cave where earth spirits are strong I could magically mend it but you know. Can't exactly summon one right now.

I've spent some time tracking down their bands in the past.
Say, do you assume this was the last we saw of these creatures? Usually you do not attack a city this well defended without a cause. And maybe we can track them down to talk to them, no? Adalbert smiles a sincere smile. You even talked to them. Can you teach me their language? His belly grumbles, but probably from indigestion. Adalbert grabs his tummy. We could talk over this with a pint or two, shouldn't we?