[Terrific Elf Relief Shelter]

Stabby Plot of Stabbing

Sure enough, the tree hut is presently unoccupied.

But not anymore, now there's an elf and an elve in there. Probably up to perverse elfy things. Like showing off her gross black bones.

The elf immediately recoils from the sight, taking a few steps back as disgust plays across her features. That probably wasn't quiet the reaction the resident knife-murderer was hoping for. "Your limb stinks with the rot of abominations," the elf hisses. "You would do well to have it amputated before the decay spreads further and begins festering your soul."


Soul rot sounds pretty gross.

Probably don't want to catch that.

"I will not touch such defiled flesh. No elf here would," they insist. They're keeping some distance, as if worried that they might get tainted from mere proximity.

That probably had the opposite effect our stabby antagonist was hoping for.

[Diesel Punk]

The shower stall door is thrown back and-!


It's a shower stall.

There's a shower head that looks like it's made of wood. Wood walls. Wood slats on the floor. There's even a large wooden box full of rocks over there with a dipping pan to pour water on them. The rocks are VERY hot.

Nothing nefarious appears to be lurking in here.