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Lotus Gardens

The Receptionist looks around, making sure she was the one being spoken to, but she frowns at the implication that she was part of the Eastside government. "I wouldn't really say I'm part of the government, and with the Lady having removed herself from office I doubt I have any link to it at all now. But I don't think Eastside has much of a jail left for prisoners regardless with the Hunter's Hall being crushed and all." She points out before peering down at the pixie. "...but we have something that can hold her here for questioning. Or are you looking for judgement rather than interrogation?"
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[Lotus Gardens]

"We do need to interrogate her," Wenomir says. "So we'll take whatever way of holding her you have."
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[Lotus Gardens]

The bear growls in agreement. Holding cells were great!

Or alternatively, the bear growls in disagreement. Holding cells were bad!

There was no easy way to tell but in most situations with a bear you would dearly hoped you guessed right. Thankfully, this wasn't one of those situations.
[Lotus Gardens]

Archera looks between the receptionist and Wenomir. "All I want to do is drop her off with the authorities so she can be punished for her crimes. I brought her here because I knew Jezebel was here, but if she's not running things in Eastside anymore, then I maybe this isn't the place I should be."