As Lebwen tries to organize transporting the guard to the temple, Lizuga arrives. After reporting to the noble, she bends down to heal the wounded guard, who, shortly thereafter, regains consciousness. He stands up, carefully patting himself here and there, seeing his wounds closing. "Uh, thank you! Name's Eugeni. Are you done with the..." he looks around, counting the bodies "...yep, that should be all of them. I thought they would be wreaking havoc."

Lizuga proceeds with the second part of her report and the noble replies. "I think there is a misunderstanding here. Aldern Foxglove, of the Foxglove family. Not of this town's ruling families. You should report to sheriff Hemlock or mayor Deverin herself. They probably have their hands full at the moment, so maybe some time tomorrow?"

After Adalbert handwaves clean everyone's clothes, Aldern Foxglove remarks "Ah, very handy! I'm sure Garridan will appreciate us not smearing blood all over his place. My men can handle the loot - either store it or sell it, no problem, just say it and it will be done. Come on in and leave it here."

Inside Aldern orders one of his men to handle the loot according to preferences expressed, then orders a 7-person banquet to be served, again, according to the preferences.

"I came here from Magnimar, for the festival, mostly, but also for some minor business interests and hunting. Besides, do you like hunting? My men have tracked a boar in Tickwood. We can ride there and get it, any time you are free in next couple of days." He goes on about hunting boars. In short, the procedure seems to be as follows: some of the hunters grab longspears and wait in some tight spot and some other hunters and/or assistants chase the boar into this ambush, which it usually charges, because it's such a boarish thing to do. The hunt is supposed to be somewhat dangerous, but not overly so, and, if you belive Aldern, rather fun. Meanwhile, if that aunt of his (nods at Justin) does not provide you with lodging, feel free to come here and claim some rooms, Aldern paying.

Lizuga and Eugeni are implicitly invited. Anybody not coming will be invited explicitly. Feel free to ask talk and/or finish the dinner and leave for Rusty Dragon.