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Mia will shake the hand, but more like a lady.

"Any resources for rebuilding would be preferable." she says. "We can provide more workers if we got the materials to build them and if we got the materials for the rebuilding. As you can guess our own resources are limited due to our size."
Mia seems to have more to say, but the just shakes it away. Nothing that can't wait.
Are you calling the Commandant unladylike?!?
That's fair. Ruby is a soldier first, a failed genetic experiment second, 'lady' is pretty far down the list. Firm handshakes with tough scaly hands, that's the way of it.

"Materials we have and will provide - the opening up of Wildside has really helped with that."
The precise arrangement of which building materials and where to deliver them can probably happen offscreen.
"Was there something else?"

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"I have come to fulfil my part of the pledge," the King in Rags says, getting straight to the point. "For the gift of fire, a monster. Tell me what you need, and I will make it so."
"You have interesting timing." The King is welcomed with a wry smile.
"How closely did you follow the demons' raid the night after we struck our deal?"
How much context do they share, or lack?
The Commandant is nervous. Hard to help, in the presence of the King in Rags. He's just...creepy.