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    Default Re: The LA-assignment thread V: Escape from LA

    Rakshasa, Naztharune

    Another rakshasa: this one mostly martial. Let's see if it's as problematic as the Ak'Chazar.

    11 outsider RHD with relatively so-so abilities (nothing goes past +10, and most stats are closer to +4), okay speed for a medium biped (40 ft.) and some reasonable defensive abilities in DR 15/good and piercing, SR 21, improved uncanny dodge, and Improved Evasion.

    Further notable abilities are 6d6 sneak attack, Change Shape, continuous Detect Thoughts, Shadow Jump (albeit with the hilariously small range of 20 ft./day) and Hide In Plain Sight (the good version, not the one rangers get).

    Comparing a 1st-level Naztharune rogue to a full-classed rogue, I'd argue the former outperforms the latter quite clearly. The better saves, speed, HP, and stats are very useful, the Naztharune actually has better sneak attack, and the rogue misses out on HiPS, Change Shape, DR, and SR. The main reason to pick rogue would be some obscure ACF, race-exclusive material, a special ability, or (bwahahahaha) Trap Sense. The two options get a bit more balanced when you consider prestige classes, but even with those I'd argue the Naztharune outperforms rogues at +0.

    Considering this, I'll assign +1 LA. Do discuss.
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