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Gosh! I haven't posted homebrew in ages, but I still make things every once in a while and like to lurk. This is something I've been hoping to do or see for years, so good job on all of this! You've earned a spot among my "cool GiantITP homebrew" bookmarks.
Thanks! I hope you have fun building lots of new races and species!

Anyway, adding several more traits. Adrenaline, Engulf, Armor Adept, Soul, and Souless

Adrenaline (3 RP)
Prerequisites: None
Benefit: Members of this race are capable of momentary great feats of strength, at the expense of fatigue afterward. Con mod +1 times per day (minimum 1) Members of this race may roll twice when making a strength check, a climb or swim check, or a str based attack. Afterwards, they become fatigued for two rounds. This ability may be used while fatigued, and for the duration of that check or attack, the user is not considered fatigued. However, after the check or attack is concluded, the user becomes exhausted, and must rest for an hour to remove it.

Engulf (1 RP)
Prerequisites: Amorphous body and swallow whole
Benefit: Members of this race are able engulf smaller foes by simply flowing over them. Members of this race do not need to grapple foes before attempting a swallow whole check. Instead, as a standard action, may attempt to engulf an adjacent foe. If they succeed on a grapple check, the foe is considered swallowed whole, and the user must move into the foe’s original square. All other rules for swallow whole apply normally.

Armor Adept (2 RP)
Prerequisites: None
Benefit: This race is not easily hindered by the weight of armor. All armor check penalties from armor and shields are reduced by one. (Minimum 0) If a member of this race is using both armor and a shield, both the armor and shield have their Armor Check Penalties reduced by 1.

Soul (1 RP)
Prerequisites: Construct, Half Construct, or undead
Benefit: Despite their inorganic, or deceased nature, members of this race have souls native to that form. They may be raised or resurrected as if organic. If used on an undead, they may chose to return either as their former living self, or as their undead self.

Soulless (-1 RP)
Prerequisites: Not construct or half construct.
Weakness: This race does not naturally have souls. They cannot be raised or resurrected, though a wish spell can reconstruct them.

Still hoping to get some feedback! I know there's likely some things that can be balanced better or improved. If anyone sees any issues with the traits I've made, don't hesitate to mention it please!