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Eastside - A Quiet Little Park

That's friggin' right. Violet says, backing down a little herself. She looks around for a bit to make sure she's still exuding her aura of menace (check!) before turning back to the girl. So what, you like... busk for a living or somethin' She spits on the ground next to her in an automatic motion. Not like she's deriding busking, more like she had spit in her mouth and wanted it out.
The girl looks a little confused for a second - as that's how long it takes for her to recall the meaning of the term - before shaking her head. "n-no, I... I-Ive been really rattled lately... playing j - just helps... helps me relax...." She attempts to explain. The tension in her petite form eases somewhat, but she's far from calm, still guarding her instrument with a close hold.