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    Withstanding the Crimson Host: OOC, IC, rolling
    Warbirds, Guild Aces: OOC, IC

    My 5e minimalist Ranger Fix.

    5e D&D subclasses:
    The Extraplanar Researcher, an extraplanar traveler.
    Bibliothecary, with superior casting compared to the other magical craftspeople.
    The Runecaster, with the knowledge to craft the least of the runes of the giants.
    The Path of the Seer, a clever caster able to work around the worst limits oftheir class.
    Expanded options for Totem Warriors and Storm Heralds.
    Path of the Guardian Protector, a combat healer diving into the fray for a heroic rescue.
    The College of Hymns, converted from 3.5e to sing he praises of the gods.
    The College of Birdsong, who flies to freedom.
    The College of Marshaling, A clever military commander.
    The Travel Domain, on the road again.
    The Rivalry Domain, as there's nothing better to inspire allies than having them count kills.
    The Protection Domain and The Destruction Domain, each based on one of the 4e RunePriest's Rune States.
    The Circle of avenging, a combat brawler, converted from 3.5e.
    Expanded options for Land Druids.
    The Circle of Reclamation, who can't bother to wait before civilization crumples before nature swallows it again.
    The Corruption Touched, tainted by forces that are demonic, illithid, vampiric, or yuan-ti.
    The Vaunt Knight, a master of manipulation converted from 3.5e.
    The Ghostwalker, whose body and soul stand apart.
    The Way of Jotunslag, trained to fight in the manner of the mighty giants.
    The Oath of Study, a student of all, including arcane power.
    The Oath of Horror, soldier of the far realm.
    Faerie Irregular, trained to directly invoke the powers of the fey.
    The Warden, a melee controller from 4e.
    Shadow Commander, never truly alone.
    The Silencing Blade, The bane of casters and the minds of everyone else.
    Oozeblood sorcerer, ironically less squishy.
    The Dragon Patron, giving their aid martial power.
    The Winter Lord, surpassing on the slipperiness of a rogue.
    The Forest Guardian, taking control on the battlefield.
    The School of the Sha'ir, drawing on the elements for more flexibility
    School of Hedges, an arcane student of druidic magics.

    Spoiler: Less Relevant Subclasses
    The Empowered Bastion Patron, a sturdy master. Commentary on this forum here.
    The Circle of the Outer Planes, a druid tied to Aberrations and Monstrosities.
    The Possessed, an eldritch fighter.
    The Way of the Weavemold, an anti-magic monk.
    The Combat Medic, a fighter with healing abilities.
    The Way of the Seven Heavens, a Celestial Monk
    The Professor Explorer, a UA artificer subclass with a poor memory, excellent luck and terrible luck.
    The Blackblot Herbalist, a venomous ranger

    Spoiler: 5e Psionics Overhaul
    Psionic Disciplines Overhaul, to balance the AU mystic. Commentary on this forum here.

    The Psion, a Mystic rewrite. Commentary on this class here.
    The battlemind, a half psionic class with 4e influence. Commentary on this forum here.
    Order of the Wilder, a Mystic subclass for the 3.5e class of the same name. Commentary on this forum here.
    Psychic Warrior, a fighter subclass based on the 3.5e class. Commentary on this forum here.
    The Way of the Psionic Fist, based on the 3.5e monk prestige class. Commentary on this forum here.
    The Psychic Bloodline, a psionic sorcerer subclass. Commentary on this forum here.

    Blues, psionic goblinoids from 3.5e. Commentary on this forum here.
    Maenads, a psionic race from 3.5e. Commentary on this forum here.
    Dromites, another old psionic race. Commentary on this forum here.
    Thri-kreen, the mantid warriors. Commentary on this forum here.
    Psionic Gith, rebalanced from the published version. Commentary on this forum here.

    Gem Dragonborn and Psionic Feats. Commentary on this forum here.

    5e D&D races
    Metronome Races, based on the IRL platypus and echidna.
    Arachneans, arachnid races without the extra limb problem.
    Ceboids, a three-limbed race based on new world monkeys.
    Desert, Jungle, & Sea Dwarves, with additional distinctions from the PHB's Mountain and Hill Dwarves.
    Gnolls and Aardgnolls, based on actual hyenas instead of demonic influence.
    The Dhampire, tainted by Vampiric powers.

    5e Spells and Invocations:
    Warlock Spell and Invocation Options.
    A bunch of spell conversions from 3.5e, mostly high level. See here.
    Marine Spells for aquatic Campaigns

    5e feats And Skills:
    Heritage Feats for characters with in-humanoid ancestry.
    Volo's Racial Feats, shoring up the variety for monstrous races.
    The Bodily Autonomy skill, only on the forum. Body over Mind.

    5e Items:
    Medieval Exotic Weapons, Firearms, and Firearms Feat.
    Exotic Weapons II, Deft Weapons, Double Weapons, and a Dual Wielding fix with related feats for all.
    Additional Low Level Potions. Cheap for a show.
    Additional Giant Runes, in the style of Sky King's Thunder.

    5e Monsters:
    Additional Beast Abilities For Druid Wild Shape Options.
    Additional Celestials, mostly from Jewish tradition
    Miscellaneous Aquatic Creatures, for filling out the sea and swamps.
    Expanded Golems.
    Summonable Fey and Mesozoic Beasts, for Conjure Fey and Moon Druids.
    Guardinals, converted from 3.5e.
    Dragonettes, Drakes, and Linnorms, filling out the non-true dragons
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