[Cherub Talk]

In really, really simple terms the Icon is pure creative potential. It is the capacity for growth, for change, for creation. It could be an idea, an object, a new flavor of Fox Cola, pretty much anything. It's like having the raw stuff of dreams right there in your hands. With it, you could probably make your dreams come true. If you're into that sort of thing. It is primordial chaos in neat little packet form.

Fairly nifty, right?

In poking at the Icon, Xeni may be struck with the realization that everything appears to be derived from it in some capacity or another. Because everything arose from the same source, didn't it? How many stories of creation begin with the gods rising from the chaotic primeval waters and then shaping the world? Or... y'know. Being the world. In the case of Gaia. This creates a problem, though. If Xeni's wanting to use the Icon to track down others of its type he'll find that it's fingerprint is on literally everything. So it's less like looking for a needle in a haystack and more like looking for a rather large needle in a heap of normal sized needles. Very, very pointy if you're not careful.

"It sounds like everyone has some ideas," Zee says with a nod. "And one of those ideas is, don't try to save the world on an empty stomach."

She gives Raril an appreciative smile when her soup arrives. Yay soup!

"The Philip Memorial Library is probably a good place to start searching," Zee continues between spoonfuls of soup. "I would help whoever wants to go there to search, but the Librarian would probably chase me out with a broom. Sometimes smaller otherworldly types can slip in, but I'm pretty sure he would notice me. AND he's a Watcher, I think. They're pretty cagey about outsiders, but I think if you can prove to him that you're just trying to prevent the world from being eaten, he'll be willing to help. If you can prove that you can help prevent the world from being eaten without getting eaten yourself, then he'll REALLY be willing to help."

More soup is eaten!

"And of course there are faeries and empyreans lurking around causing trouble. Those would probably fall into the 'blow things up' side of the plan."