Terrific Elf Relief Shelter- Stabbity Plot of Stabbing

The moment her magic struggles, Elimnae focuses more on it, trying to brute force the magic into working- she assumes her plant-magic is struggling because of her steps along the path to necromancy, and also because she rarely practices any more. So she doesn't immediately note the trickery from the elf, but she's expecting something after the athame feels no different in her hand after she appears to have killed it. She's turning as the cudgel falls, so the blow hits her shoulder not her head. She grunts and drops the dagger, lashing out with her black arm in the direction she thinks the elf is in. Since she can't see said elf, it's unlikely she'll connect, but if she does it'll drain the elf's strength and vitality, as its life- but not its soul- is dragged from his body and into Elimnae.