Added Space step, a poor man's dimension door. It's under magical traits.

Space step (2 RP)
Prerequisites: None.
Benefit: Members of this race have an innate ability to teleport short distances. The user vanishes from their square, and reappears in another. You must be able to see the destination square. This ability has a range of 20 feet +5 feet per level. You cannot bring any other creatures with you, save for an animal companion, familiar, or other creature specifically bonded to you, provided they are your size or smaller. This may be done once per day as a standard action. This action provokes attacks of opportunity from any foes in squares adjacent to the origin square, but not the destination square. If you take damage during the teleportation, are grappled, pinned or entangled, or are experiencing violent motion or in violent weather, you must make a concentration check as if casting a level 2 spell, using your hit die as caster level and your con mod as the attribute mod used to cast the spell. This is a magical teleporting spell like ability, and is affected by spells and effects that affect such.

Special: You may spend additional race points to add the following effects.

Quick step: You may use space step as a move action. This costs 2 RP.
Abundant steps: You may use space step 1 + con mod times per day. Minimum 1. This costs 1 RP.
Far step: The range of Space step is doubled. This costs 1 RP.
Subtle step: Space step no longer provokes attacks of opportunity. This costs 1 RP.