To the guy outside she opened the door a crack while leaving the chain in the lock. "I already know about Jesus, thanks for asking,"
Imere's remark causes the man to shudder momentarily with frustration. There is something very odd about the man in the trenchcoat. Imere couldn't immediately sense anything truly Fae or supernatural about the man, but he didn't fully register as human either.

The man took another long pull from the bright yellow juicebox, and Imere could hear the slurping sound as he drained the last few drops. When he lowered the box and licked his lips, Imere could see his tongue was a bright artificial red, the same color as the cartoon cherry on the Hi-C box. Discarding his sugary beverage, the man pounded again on the door. "Let me in now mam," the man calls in a harsh and anxious voice, "you don't want me to have to let myself in!" The door knob shakes several times as he tries the lock.

************************************************** ******

Sebastian again drew his large chalk rectangle and the group watches as the wall seemed to shimmer and warp, solid seeming to become liquid momentarily. And then there was a wooden door in the wall. It appeared to be painted bright red, and was laced with silver decoration. The door swung open inward, leading the group into Sebastian's Hollow.

(OOC: Thank you for the patience everyone. Sebastian, why don't you go ahead and give us a brief description of the library inside)