[Terrific Elf Relief Shelter]

Diesel Punk

A shower is acquired!

Wow. That's pretty great. Nothing quite beats a shower when you've grungy and tired.

Though... a bit of a problem will eventually become apparent. There aren't any towels! How is she going to get-

"Do you require one of these?" comes a musical voice from the outside of the stall. Huh. It would appear as though an elf is offering a towel over the top of the shower stall to the gal.

How terrific!

Stabbity Plot of Stabbing

The elf's invisibility actually ended as soon as they attacked. But! It looks like Elimnae managed to avoid the worst of the attack. Her slash manages to catch the elf across their midriff, causing them to give a rather cat-like hiss as they step away several paces. The area around the wound looks almost... cloth-like? Weird. Like fine silks that have been shredded by the dagger.

Fire in their eyes, the elf grips the cudgel with both hands and causes it to grow. Bigger and bigger and yet somehow more elegant in appearance with each passing moment until it looks like it would more properly be sized for an ogre rather than a lithe elf. And in spite of its size the elf wields the weapon as if it were nothing more than a small bone.

"I applaud your deception," the elf purrs as they heft the oversized weapon at Elimnae. "You speak with the tongue of a true liar."