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I disagree. The engine isn't the problem. It's with management that bows to marketing, an apathetic dev team, rushed game releases, and a willingness to ship games with the attitude that they can patch it later.

To paraphrase a video that Gopher put out a few days ago: imagine if Bethesda licensed the engine to Obsidian, and they made a perfect new Fallout game. Imagine a New Vegas sequel with roleplaying, with hours of quests that affect both others' disposition and the world around you, with new factions that are interesting and varied instead of the same rehashed factions shoehorned in to make marketing happy. Would the engine be a problem in that game?
Yes, the engine would still be a problem. It would be a huge lodestone around the neck of an otherwise excellent game. The game you're describing sounds good, but it would be even better with an engine that isn't garbage.