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    Quote Originally Posted by Bennosuke View Post
    The man seems unphased by Imere's threats, but he stops pounding on the door when Tom turns the lock. The massive figure opens the door and gives his best glower. Tom's stare was sharp enough to cut silk and screamed danger like a siren.

    An ordinary man would have been sent packing, or maybe even lost control of bodily functions, but the detective figure simply met Tom's gaze with ice blue eyes. "It sounded like an explosion just went off in here. May I come in and investigate? "

    He pulls from his jacket a shiny bronze badge which he flashes just momentarily before returning it. The man gives Tom the same uneasy feeling that Imere had sensed. He makes no attempt to enter unless Tom steps aside.
    "We'll see," said Imere, rolling her eyes. "Just give me a good look at that badge, let me read the badge number, and wait two minutes while I call the precinct and confirm it's legit."

    She had personally used that trick like sixteen billion times and wasn't about to fall for it here. Heck, her entire career was basically long form that trick.

    "By the way, just for the record, you are in fact stating that you are a currently active police officer in service to the New Orleans police department?" Imere said. She wanted to hear him give a direct answer - no con artist wanted to be cornered into making a direct lie.

    [Subterfuge doubles as lie-detection, so there's a roll there if you need it.]
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