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    Quote Originally Posted by druid91 View Post
    I mean.... to be entirely honest. I think a lot of the complaints about the engine are nonsensical.

    Is Tetris a bad game just because it's old? Is Oblivion? Is the fact that it's been used before make it bad?

    Bethesda's issue isn't the engine.
    Are you willing to pay full price $60 plus a season pass for OG Tetris? If the guy that made Tetris spawned 7 other games using the same "engine" as Tetris, each more constantly strained, less stable, and prone to bugs and crashing than the last due to the limitations of the engine having been reached long since, would you consider the smart action to be never to upgrade?

    Should we judge new games not based on the market standard of today but by how they compare to Tetris?

    Quote Originally Posted by The_Jackal View Post
    Eh. I'm solidly in the middle of this. The problems with the Creation Engine are not make-believe. Changing to a better engine, like IdTech 6, would likely help a great deal. What no one outside of Bethesda knows is how much work and money that would entail, and what trade-offs would be necessary to accomplish it. Doing such a thing tends to go solidly against the grain of what most business leadership people would be inclined to support. Business stakeholders tend to have a laser-like focus on features, so fundamental design changes and underlying platform innovation tends to suffer in most operations. Would going to IdTech 6 make loading screens go away? Probably. Does that matter for showing a good demo in front of the E3 audience? Not so much.

    Absolutely incorrect to the reality of the industry. For a long time, and still ongoing in some circles, the problem with the ever increasing budget of games that "justified" the increased monetization was that a lot of publishers/developers insisted on reinventing the wheel with every new release; every new game needed its own unique engine. It was a big selling point.

    Not making a new engine and abandoning the Creation Engine was NOT a decision of the higher-ups at Zenimax. For most of the Creation Engine's lifespan, the execs WANTED people to waste time making a new engine for no real reason. It was a badge of honor and prestige to create a new engine for every game.

    It is clearly a choice by the Bethesda dev and design teams, not Zenimax. For a good while, it was a good move; there was no real reason to change engines between Oblivion and Fallout 3, or arguably even New Vegas.

    By the time Skyrim came around though, its limits had been reached. By Fallout 4, the continued use was laughable.
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