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    The man sighs at Imere's obstinance, his cold blue eyes growing harder with frustration. "No, I never said I was a police officer," he responds as he reaches a hand into his trench coat to retrieve the badge again.

    But he pauses as he sees Reggy coming down the stairs, disappointment creeping into his eyes. "Seriously, your entire motley is going to get involved?", he scowls as his frustration grows sharper.

    It is at this moment that the previous impervious Mask begins to flicker and the man's Mein shines through. The stony face and square jaw are replaced with a reptilian snout, all dark brown scales. His cold blue eyes are now large round black ones. A tight fist made of four scaled clawed fingers drop the crumpled yellow juice box, and he sighs, "I really don't want to have to wipe all of your memories." The statement is made offhandedly, but likely cuts like the worst most personal threat possible to a Changeling. Changing tones, the Darkling in the trench coat pleads, "Please help me out here. Your entire house just exploded with Glamour. I simply came to investigate. It's my job."

    He finishes retrieving his badge and again shows it for all to see. The Bronze shield is embossed with a Fleur-de-Lys, flanked at four corners by a saxophone, a coin, a crown, and a Mardi Gras mask. These are the symbols of the four freeholds, though no one has ever seen a shield like this, nor heard of an officer with such a badge.

    ************************************************** *****************

    Inside Sebastian's Hollow, Kitsune is pacing around the library. She stops at times to scowl at Sebastian, who she hasn't yet warmed up to. She moves like a caged animal, and seems to be trying to distract herself by examining the spines of the various shelved books. Every once in a while she stops to place a bloody hand on a book to get a closer look, only to push the book back in its place with an irritated sigh.

    "So, there isn't any trod we can take from here to get into the Hedge, right?" she says with frustration, stopping at Sebastian's beloved book of spells and reaching for it.
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