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    Default Circle of the Kami Guardian (Druid subclass)

    Circle of the Kami Guardian

    Kami are the ancient spirits of nature, created by the gods as guardians for those parts of nature that could not protect themselves. Immortal and powerful, kami rarely give thought to the tiny, short-lived mortal races. Once in a great while, though, a mortal catches the attention of a powerful kami and gains its favour through providing a service or otherwise honoring the kami.

    The kami, usually a Great Spirit who watches over an entire region of wilderness, bestows upon the mortal a gift disguised as a further service to the kami. He is charged with the lifelong protection of a minor kami spirit and its ward.

    The newly-made wardkeeper is granted amazing power by his Great Spirit patron and their new ward; power enough to protect his ward and empower any allies who may aid him.

    Kami Ward
    At second level you are given a minor kami spirit’s ward to protect. A Kami Ward can be any object made of wood or stone. It can be ornately carved, rough and unfinished, or just an untouched natural object. Its size can vary anywhere between fitting in the palm of your hand to having to strap it to your back to carry. The ward is weightless as long as the person carrying it is considered an ally by the kami, but otherwise weighs as much as an ordinary object of its size and material.

    You have a spiritual connection with your ward and always know its location, even if it’s on another plane. You can perform a ten minute ritual to summon your ward back to you from any distance.

    You gain a second ward with all of the same abilities at sixth level, and a third ward at 10th level. The kami inhabits all of your wards simultaneously.

    Blessed Ward
    Every day at dawn you can ask the kami spirit to grant a blessing on your ward. As long as you have the ward in your possession you gain the benefits of the blessing. You can choose a different blessing every morning. The blessings you can choose from are detailed in the “Kami Blessings” section at the end of this entry.

    You can perform a ten minute ritual to introduce another creature to the kami as your ally, after which they will also benefit from the blessing as long as they are carrying the ward.

    If you have more than one kami ward you can ask the kami to give each ward a blessing. They can grant the same blessing to multiple wards or different blessings to each. No creature can benefit from more than one blessing at a time. If you are carrying more than one ward, you are only affected by the blessing of the first ward you picked up.

    Talisman Magic
    The kami spirits have taught you how to infuse your magic into talismans. Starting at second level, when you prepare your spells in the morning, you can create a number of magical talismans equal to your proficiency bonus. As part of their creation you infuse each of these talismans with a druid spell you prepared of 5th level or lower with a casting time of one action or one bonus action, expending spell slots as though you were casting the spell to do so.

    Any creature holding the talisman thereafter can use an action to activate the spell if the creature has an Intelligence score of at least 6. The spell is cast using your spellcasting ability, targeting the creature that activates the item. If the spell targets more than one creature, the creature that activates the item selects the additional targets. If the spell has an area of effect, it is centered on the item. If the spell’s range is self, it targets the creature that activates the item.

    Talismans lose their magic and their spells are wasted if they are not used before the next time you prepare your spells.

    Spiritual Synthesis
    At sixth level the bond between you and the kami in your ward has grown unbreakable. Once per day as an action you can allow the kami within your ward to fuse with you, granting you great spiritual powers. This fusion lasts for one minute or until you choose to end it and it has the following effects:

    • Your kami wards do not grant blessings to the creatures carrying them and your talismans cannot be activated for the duration
    • You gain the benefits of all of your kami wards’ current blessings
    • You can cast any spell that you had also infused into a talisman the last time you prepared your spells as a bonus action
    • You can speak with animals and plants in the ancient language of forest spirits. At 14th level you can also speak with stones.

    Potent Talismans
    At tenth level you learn how to make your talismans so easy to use that your allies need not be touching them to activate them.

    Your talismans can be placed on an object or creature and then activated as an action by anyone within 60 feet by using a command word that you choose when you create the talisman. The object or creature becomes the talisman’s target.

    If a talisman is attached to an arrow, dagger, or other projectile or thrown weapon, the wielder can activate the talisman as part of an attack with that weapon, as long as the target is within 60 feet. The creature or object that is hit by the attack becomes the spell’s target. If the attack misses the talisman is destroyed and the spell is lost. Attaching a talisman is a bonus action. Only one talisman can be activated this way each turn.

    Final Ward
    By 14th level your protection has allowed the kami within your ward to flourish into a great protector. The kami chooses one acre of forest to be your Final Ward. The forest will be somewhere on the material plane and you do not need to be anywhere near it when the kami chooses it.

    While you are within your Final Ward you can cast Druid Grove at will.

    Once per day as an action you can teleport yourself and up to ten willing creatures within 30 feet to your Final Ward. If you do you will all be returned to the place you teleported from at the start of your next turn.

    You can do this at will by using a longer ritual instead. If you perform a ten minute ritual you are returned after one hour. If you spend one hour on the ritual you will return in 12 hours. If you perform the ritual for 24 hours you will be returned after a week.

    Kami Blessings
    Touch of the Kitsune Your shadow is fox-shaped. Your movement speed increases by five feet and you can add your proficiency bonus to initiative checks

    Blessing of Supernatural Skill Choose a skill. You are considered proficient in that skill. If you are already proficient, you can add double your proficiency bonus to checks with that skill.

    Touch of the Yukki Onna Your skin gains a bluish tint. You are resistant to cold damage and when this blessing is chosen you gain the effects of an Armor of Agathys spell cast with a duration of 24 hours. The level of the spell is equal to the highest level spell the owner of the ward can cast up to a maximum of 5th level.

    Blessing of the Hidden Self Your face is shrouded in shadow, even when standing in direct light. You can attempt to hide even when creatures you are trying to hide from are aware of you and you are in plain sight. You become invisible until the end of your turn to any creature whose perception check does not beat your stealth check. You must end your turn out of sight or in dark shadows to remain hidden.

    Blessing of the Powerful Mind You can add 1d4 to Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma based checks and saving throws.

    Blessing of Kami Sight Your eyes are a scintillating green. You can cast Detect Good and Evil and Detect Magic as 1st level spells at will and you always know if an object or area you see is a Kami Ward.

    Blessing of Focused Fury Choose a creature type. Your attacks deal an additional 1d4 damage against creatures of that type. The damage is of the same type the weapon normally deals.

    Touch of the Shinigami
    Your complexion grows pale. You have advantage on death saving throws and when you kill a creature that is not undead or a construct you gain temporary hit points equal to the creature’s challenge rating, with a minimum of 1.

    Touch of the Kama-Itachi You grow claws. Your unarmed strikes deal slashing damage equal to 1d6 + your strength modifier. If your unarmed strikes already deal more than 1d6 damage, you can instead add 1d6 slashing damage to one unarmed attack you make per turn.

    Touch of the Kappa Your hair is constantly wet. You can breathe underwater and gain a swim speed equal to your movement speed. You have advantage on Strength and Dexterity saving throws while completely submerged in water.
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