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Why would it be a PF2 jab?

I know nothing about PF2, including whether or not the playtest is proving to be a success.

However, 4E does solve some of the potential problems of higher level play in 5E so, as those are revealed, I'm simply wondering if some might come back to this former edition. And more obviously, it was built to solve some of the 3.5E problems which might make it attractive to Pathfinder fans. Or not.

NB: You won't get any edition warring from me: Play what you like. But if you like 4E, email me and I'll make sure you get access to the online tools.
I've been modding the crap out of 5E, and as I go, I've come to realize I'm basically importing ideas back from 4E. I bought the original 3 book set when it first came out, and played a couple games, but my group was gunho for 3.P (mostly PF) and I didn't keep up with 4Es development run. (I was also caught up in the whole "Oh noes! 4E is WoW for TTRPG" BS, so I didn't really look back...)

Now though, I've gone back to the 4E books for inspiration on my 5E modding and basically had a eureka moment. I'm not sure my current group would gravitate to 4E out of the box, but we all wonder why WotC dropped some pretty iconic ideas in favor of poorly executed "poor man" versions.

If 5E had dropped the powers of 4E but pretty much kept the same mechanics for everything else - and incorporating the Advantage/Disadvantage system on top, it would have been epic. - It still would have kept the flavor and feel of AD&D like they wanted, while progressing forward by building on top of the previous edition, rather than treating it like the redheaded step child.