Quick refresher on the vest:

Zughan's Novice Iron Heart Vest allows access to any three of:

  • Absolute Steel (req: 1IH) +10 speed. Move at least 10' and gain +2 to AC for the turn
  • Disarming Strike (no prereq) like Improved Disarm
  • Iron Heart Surge (req: 1IH) remove an ongoing effect
  • Punishing Stance (no prereq) +1d6 damage, -2AC
  • Steel Wind (no prereq) two melee attacks vs different tgts as one std action
  • Steely Strike (no prereq) +4 to hit, others gain +4 to hit you
  • Wall of Blades (no prereq) block an attack
  • Exorcism of Steel (req: 1IH) attack their weapon to give them penalties

Celesta or Feagon would be my vote.....Tarak took the Ring.