This is bringing up a lot of terrible memories that he had been drinking away not too long ago.

Tracking her to a foreign realm.
Finding her at the end of a trail of tyrannical war-crimes.
Conflict with the adventurers.
The Unnaming.

Xeni rubs his forehead and stares at the table for a few moments, debating whether or not to snatch some more of that alcohol.
"...I see..."
So, ultimately, in the end, Zee slew the abomination that was left behind and fabricated a replacement.
He's not sure how precisely he feels about that, but it isn't inherently negative.

Isn't this essentially what most resurrections are? Fabricating a replacement of the person lost?

Though there is a loss here. Of the "purity" of what Karaglen was, and a loss of most of her life. Sure, most of that life had ended up kind of terrible but it was still her life.
And now she's not purely herself, either, being mixed with Zee. That's not really terrible either, though it raises...concerns, it's just different.
Better to be part Zee than mostly daemon.

In the end, Xeni decides to swipe the drink that the little mouse is experimenting with.
"I have more questions, but I need a minute."
For alcohol.