Jezebel's Manor

Jezebel takes the mage's hand and gives it a small squeeze, but she stops walking towards the exit after the question about her weaponry. " would think I would feel safe, but I'm not sure I'm going to feel safe for a long time in places that aren't my own home." She finally admits after a moment. She continues walking, but she seems to be actually looking at things around her that aren't Cessie. "I was stabbed from behind and there's still a third assassin out there that I knew of. Oh, logically I certainly understand that it won't be around and no one is going to try and attack me like that for the foreseeable future, but that's only logic. It doesn't actually make me feel better or safer for now. Give it some time and perhaps I'll be confident enough to go out without anything. But for now, just one step at a time." She reasons before finally taking a deep breath and opening her front door to step out.