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I disagree. The end result is saving your allies a single action, assuming they have no healing available, when you fall. If you hit 0 somewhere your allies can't get to you you're still unconscious and helpless for 1d4 hours. Lethality is always up to the DM. If you play with one who never hits when you're down not going to be rolling new characters much, if ever. You're also assuming "DMs never hit players when they're down" is a strong paradigm in the game. Maybe in your experience. Not in general.
I'm not managing to parse this.

Most relevantly, I'm not sure how any of your examples support your case. You're taking an action with particularly high stakes, and removing the stakes. I can't parse what you're comparing the second example to. And that blessing hamstring's the DM's ability to control lethality.

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Y'know, I had a really good reason for doing that but right now I just can't remember what that reason was. I'll change it.
If you do remember the reason and still find it convincing, please do change it back.