Jezebel's Manor

Cessie returns Jezebel's squeeze, only getting firmer as Jezebel starts discussing her experiences.
"You should have been there. You and Adir fighting that all alone was a big mistake that I wish I could undo somehow." She sigh. "But if I would actually undo something, it would be this entire mess. You're not the only one recovering after all, the entire city is. Do you have any future plans? Rebuilding is going to be essential and despite you leaving office, I suspect people are still going to look at you for leadership." Felandria hadn't been tested for the position of leadership as far as she was concerned so she had no idea if she could pull Eastside up. VIGIL would certainly support her efforts considering her membership but Cessie had heard that Felandria was also resurrecting HALO. How could she possibly focus on leading the city if she was also the leader of a organization and a member of another one? Seemed like spreading oneself too thin.

[Northside - Fourth Tower Compound]

The fourth towers base of operation in Riverside is actually not a single building but what appears to have once have been either a campus for students or an old army base that is located some distance away from the city. Either way, its filled with enough barrack-like buildings to house a smaller army.

Not all the buildings in this area are probably inhabited by fourth tower members but the one the angel is going to actually has a sign that reads "the fourth tower".

Opening the door as the angel knocks is a short ape-like woman dressed in yellow with a small vasp-like insect hovering by her shoulder. "Ah, welcome. A new recruit?" She seems to guess.