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    Danir Telue

    Speaks in Teal

    Sex: Female
    Gender: Feminine
    Race/Species: Human (with just a trace of fairy)
    Age: 64
    2-Axis Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Color Alignment: Red / White
    Blood Type: AB Rh-negative
    Vampire Sign: Crystal
    Lunar Sway: Derse
    Class/Profession: Gossip
    Power Rating: C or 2
    Psionic Class: H
    Sorceress Mastery: 4 Core Gates / 2 Ambular Locks / 2 Radial Seals
    Marital Status: Widow, 1 former marriage
    Description: A small Japanese woman of wiry build, with graying shoulder-length hair. Dark brown eyes.
    Long painted nails and a formal outfit.
    Personality: Telue is judging you harshly. She is calm and polite, kind and graceful - until it is time to be ruthless and cruel.
    A set of levitating luggage that follows her about.
    Abilities: As an apprentice sorceress, she has various minor powers.
    Gate Stability: Can improve sense of smell, touch, taste, and balance.
    Unmaking: Can disintegrate objects touched with a specially prepared object-specific diagram.
    Weather-sense: Knows what the weather will be like within 1 mile, out to 1 day, barring supernatural intervention.
    Backstory: It was expected that Telue would follow in her motherís footsteps, but for reasons few others remember, she refused. In time, Telue broke free from Chartreuse's design, The Clan of the Swallowed Sun, and the whole Earthly Court, giving up her magical birthright to live her own life as a human. Where others merely took on false mortal roles, she immersed herself in the culture of the Land of Sunrise. Where others studied the magic of narrative, she became a sorceress (though having waited till later in life to begin, did not progress very quickly). She married a man called Light (now dead thirty years ago) and they had a daughter, Cleosepha. Telue went to great length to see that Cleo would not be subject to the same troubles at the hands of the fae as she had been. And she was largely successful (Cleo not coming into her inheritance until she had entered the Nexus (which at the time was beyond the reach of the Courts)), though Cleo has not quite forgiven her for the things she did.
    She lived a content life of quiet craftsmanship and study, until people started coming back from the Nexus. Chartreuse was killed. A shuttle was attacked.
    With the war between the Earth and Sky Courts once again blazing hot, she's ventured into the Nexus to attempt to reconcile with her family. And avoid becoming collateral damage.
    Explanation: It's not actually impossible to learn multiple categories of magic in her setting. But it basically isn't done.
    Narrative Status: Supporting character
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