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I wish there was a way to outright stop pop growth that didn't also cripple your output. As-is, it makes early game a struggle to get enough pops to fill your districts and jobs, then late game you have your Consumer Goods total being drained by empire-wide mass unemployment and massive housing shortages. And discouraging growth still is only a -75%, not a ban, so it just slows the inevitable.

EDIT: Question regarding Robomodding and Genetic Engineering - is the game 'smart' enough to assign pops to optimal jobs, and if not is there any way to do it manually? You can prioritize specific species for growth or building, but will it automatically assign pops with +Food Production to Farmer jobs, etc.?
I see a lot of people having issues with population growth but it is actually quite manageable if you put in the work. Resettle unemployed pops, re-design your planets, colonize new plants, upgrade your buildings to ones with more slots etc etc, and you shouldn't really have more unemployed pops than you can handle. It IS a fair amount of busy-work though