The most curious trait of those freezing elemental monster goats isn't their seemingly random spell-like abilities, nor is it their amusingly oversized horns, nor their fierce rivalry with devils. It's the fact that whoever was in charge of writing their stat block decided that yes, the digitless nonhumanoid goat could totally be a player character. It's an interesting decision, given that the same company thought hags and imps could never be suitable PCs.

Anyways, rejkar. They have five outsider RHD, Large size, the Cold subtype, some tough natural armor, a natural gore (1d8, so not exactly great). They also have some surprising ability adjustments: +6 strength and constitution are hardly strange, but +10 intelligence is a lot more than I'd have expected (apparently, rejkar are smarter than mind flayers?). +4 wisdom and charisma are neat, but not incredibly important.

Freezing Gaze is a very flavorful ability that poses quite the threat: everything near the rejkar risks freezing over, losing a turn for every save it fails. Cold-resistant creatures are immune, allies are obviously at risk, and fire damage ends the effect, but even so I feel like this ability is hardly worthless.

The goat's spell-likes are at-will Rage, Fabricate, and Crushing Despair, 3/day Major Image, and 1/week Augury. The latter is too little too less, the second is neat, but the at-wills are what's truly interesting. Rage is a neat free pre-battle buff for your brutes, and while Crushing Despair isn't stellar it's still a neat mass debuff. At-will Fabricate is absolutely insane if your DM doesn't care whether the rules make sense, and pretty neat if they do.

Finally, there's 1/week Heroes' Feast, but it's only available to three rejkars working together. Unless you regularly run into those, or your party wants to sacrifice team balance for steak once a week, it's unlikely to become relevant.

Rejkar advancement is... problematic. They lack the thumbs or teeth to properly use (Mouthpick) weapons, 5 RHD considerably hurt any caster build, and their natural gore isn't exactly impressive. Then again, with a little clever teambuilding, Freezing Gaze and Crushing Despair combine to make for one annoying group debuffer.

In my opinion, the rejkar deserves at least +0 LA because of its low-level power, though I'd like to add that a higher-level build is probably better off looking elsewhere. Discuss!