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PSA: New season of Voltron is up! Haven't had time to watch any episodes yet, but GET HYPE
I have watched it all. Spoilers ensue.
Holy cow. Like, they're totally done now. They saved all possible realities and timelines. Haggar/Unerva was the final boss, of course. I was actually a bit disappointed at the relative lack of robots fighting other robots with swords and lasers. I mean, obviously the resolution is about willpower and the villain seeing her misdeeds at the last moment and helping to fix everything, but I wanted more giant robots beating up other giant robots before they fixed everything, not just the robots flying after each other for a while until one flew faster than the other one. Ah well.

I really like the Lance+Allura romance and how it just kind of became part of the normal existence but mattered in the final decision-making (you can see at the final parting that it really hurt the two of them).

Shiro's wedding to another man in the epilogue is awesome, I loved it so much! I'm also just so happy for him.