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I would like to point out this in now way is the point I am making.

I Have in the past fudged dice rolls and in some systems (that some of my friends prefer I run) I may fudge dice in the future.

I have no problems with dice fudging, it has pros and cons.
Other methods to achieve similar results as fudging dice also have pros and cons. Like handing out Meta-currency to help players effect dice rolls.

What my objection is, and the point of my post is this.

When setting up a game, be honest about what the game is. DO NOT lie to the players about what the game is. If asked directly, do you plan to fudge dice in this FUTURE campaign ? Be honest with your answer. Allow players a chance to choose the games they want to play in, by GMs being honest what the game is.

I really don't see what the advantages are of Lying about what your game style is ?
Sorry, I should have been more clear in my post: I wasn't accusing you of making that claim, just stating in general.

Although I would also add that I wouldn't consider my games to have fudging in them, despite my previously stated actions where I ignored or modified random tables on the fly. I don't really have a problem telling my players that I do that, but it's not something that I feel is worth mentioning at the outset of advertising the table.